Ideas and Thoughts on Weapons/Abilities

Ars Nova

Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 28, 2016
I liked the bastions mine launcher, especially the 1.6 ones that either attack nearby enemies with chaining energy damage, (primary fire) or repair nearby deployables (secondary fire), but the 1.3 ones (I think) that repair (primary) and explode as secondary fire, damaging enemies, is OK too.

Also, maybe as a long range slow charge artillery, the Electrolaser.


Mar 13, 2017
Ok, so... once again, my mind has dipped into the depths of insanity, and come back with.... a thought!

What about something giving a Heavy a bit of bonus damage with melee? I mean, they are the larger, more massive frame, so a little something seems to make some sense...

I'm not necessarily saying it should be a default (though if it is, the 'buff' could be applied to either melee weapons or the frame), this could be something that is a mod for the frame, and thus only unlocked via research....