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I'm just gonna remove that part and never meet you, so its easy.

Ah yeah, since there's a lot of going on I forgot you went out. I changed it
well.. we met already... but in the time you were crafting your things and carson, bradshaw and company were doing there things my chara checked the ammo, equipped herself and got a distress signal (tracing still in progress)


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Jun 20, 2017
well I figured I wouldn't get too fancy with the weapons just yet. the UZ2 seemed like a decent standard starter for me.

also is there like a character approval thing or doe we just go right in


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Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu

As you can see this creature is acting as a boulder that has entered
the scene squishing made believe humans as they scream in panic.

"Ah mwah ha ha tis i the boulder!"

This is one way of rp

RP can be fun :p

oh i usually read the previous rp and find a way to introduce myself
into the story. E.g. by entering a door or you could just fall from the sky and
act confused, asking questions and doing some of your own investigation of your existence and who dropped you off from the sky hmm?
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