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Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Hey, Kern, didn't you already know how dangerous those swinging sex chairs can be? Take it easy on the back. Thanks for the quick and steady efforts into this project so far. As you see already, many here believe in you and your team.

Oh to hear something like 'Thumper inbound' again....chills. Firefall was crippled the day they took resources out and died the day they took the crafting out. At least that poor spirit has been laid to rest now.


Jul 28, 2016
Remember signing up and playing the Firefall closed beta 4 years ago. Shortly after open beta through launch i lost interest. If i had not recieved your 'Call of Arms' on my mail for Ember i wouldn't have known. And i could not be more happy for that, so thank you. Looking forward to see the project unfold. :)
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Jul 28, 2016
I'm 100% a project to bring back a game similar to how firefall was during the beta. I haven't had as much fun just doing pve content and exploring the (albeit small) world in the early firefall beta in any other game. As soon as they completely reworked crafting and added leveling and a very clear linear progression, the game lost almost all appeal to me and I think I booted it up all of one time after release. Shame since I got the $100 founder pack.


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Jul 27, 2016
I know you but I dont owe anything to anyone, maybe to my mother because she gave birth to me and she can ask from me whatever she wants to, noone else.
Maybe your mother? You owe her everything, Undom. Now I have to come find you and have a serious talk with your mother so she can slap some manners into you. Miss you, man.
Aug 10, 2016
Well folks, here we are. Thanks to your dedicated crowdfunding efforts, we now have a place to call home for Ember!

For those of you unfamiliar with Ember, its a fan-funded revival of the original goals and beta of Firefall, as lead by Mark Kern, creator of Firefall and former team lead for vanilla WoW. Er, that's me...talking about myself in 3rd person. But you get the idea.

The game changed dramatically after I left and became much more of a traditional MMO at launch. Many fans wanted to see Firefall stay true to its original vision, and that's where this all started.

I launched a petition on change.org to gauge interest, and to date we've received over 1,800 signatures to remake Firefall (called Ember). At some point, fans wanted forums and a website home for the growing Ember project. We did a fundraiser on IndieGoGo and, to our shock, exceeded 580% of our funding goals!

We decided to use the extra money to develop Ember further, creating new concept art for the player frame, orthographics for the T.H.M.P.R. mech, and also concept the alien enemy species that will serve as humanity's opposition in the game. We'll post these update here on our new forums, as well as our upcoming product page.

But first, we promised a website and forums for Ember, to help promote the game and garner more signatures and build more demand. This is it, delivered on time despite me injuring my back badly over the weekend. I didn't want to let that stop me from delivering on a promise. In addition, we plan a simple product website that will explain more of the game and host longer updates on its progress. That should be up shortly as well.

So thank you, once again, for helping Ember come alive as a project. It should be very interesting to see where we go from here!

- Mark Kern
Omg Please let this be free...And if you have to pay for it I hope it's atleast under $70
Aug 19, 2016
Bought a Founder's Pack back in Firefall, had an absolute blast in Beta. Really missed the Firefall Beta. Still got my Firefall beanie, wouldn't mind an Ember one.

Where do I sign?

Ps. See a few familiar names in here so I know the community's gonna be great.