Ember forums are LIVE

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. AgentSmith5150

    AgentSmith5150 Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R.

    Thanks for this Mark, love you more than Mexico!
  2. Sik San

    Sik San Deepscanner

    TY! Much better now!
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  3. Shivaji

    Shivaji New Member

    @Mark can you embed the discord chat to the forums on the right side pane?
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  4. Earth_Soldier

    Earth_Soldier Deepscanner

    Thanks a lot to everyone for your time and effort making this possible :)

    Where is my Ember cat gun now!? :)
  5. sarcasmloading

    sarcasmloading New Member

    Can't wait. Best of luck in development coming from a developer ;P
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  6. crazeOne

    crazeOne New Member

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  7. doty

    doty Well-Known Member

    Oh lawd
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  8. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Ember cat gun. DONE. Always loved that gif.

    Right side for Discord. ya, when I get time to explore this forum software more. Meanwhile I linked it below under Site Functions in the footer.
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  9. Henvar

    Henvar Member

    And the hypetrain leaves the station.
    Dont disappoint us Grummz :)

    Edit: lesson for myself iPhone emojis dont work :D
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  10. Aphaz

    Aphaz Deepscanner

    yeeii so glad this is going welll.
    GO GO EMBER (50m rocket jump)
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  11. OziriusSVK

    OziriusSVK Death Reaper

    Yeah, finally we have forum :)
    Nice work , I like it.
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  12. Faeryl

    Faeryl Firstclaimer Base Commander Greeter

    Thank you Mark and ALL who are working "behind the scenes" for helping to #MakeEmberHappen!!! :cool:
  13. AbsoluteVirtue

    AbsoluteVirtue New Member

    This will be interesting to watch.
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  14. DemonSlayer873

    DemonSlayer873 Well-Known Member

    Hi im DemonSlayer and i need higher post count!
    Edit: just noticed the introductions thread damn it
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  15. doty

    doty Well-Known Member

    Don't we all.. ʘ‿ʘ
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  16. Broken

    Broken New Member

    Good luck, Mark! Seeing your passion for the game (back then and now), I know for sure this will turn out great.

    I'm curious about your team. Is it just you at the moment? Are there any other people who previously worked at Firefall here with you now?
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  17. optii

    optii New Member

    good luck, dont screw this up as it was done with firefall... listen to the community, dont release buggy releases and get good deep content not just throwing all the shiats like in firefall without depth.
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  18. doty

    doty Well-Known Member

    One of the biggest mistakes Firecuck made was not listening the the community.
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  19. Vecchio

    Vecchio Emberite

    WOW! This is great. Thank you, Mark, and all the players who made this possible. I'm so looking forward to playing EMBER!
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