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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Earth_Soldier

    Earth_Soldier Deepscanner

    Ok I'm not gonna lose this quote ever! :p
  2. Vilento

    Vilento Emberite - Frame Founder

  3. Lorilie

    Lorilie New Member

    I'm giddy with anticipation
  4. Fabricio21RJ

    Fabricio21RJ Deepscanner

    Let's do it! Go go go, Mark! Also, nice to see so familiar faces here... specially people I haven't see for a long long time (Henvar, for instance). Hype!!!
  5. enclave12

    enclave12 New Member

    Good Luck!!! it will be a long road ahead but i'm in for the ride......


    Oh man, should we Mark the day the forums went up?
  7. Su'Bacha Sanoya

    Su'Bacha Sanoya New Member

    This must be the place....
  8. Boremac

    Boremac New Member

    It's that guy! Hey, Undom! Where is that money you owe me! :p
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  9. Hans Trom

    Hans Trom Player One

    \o/ Yay! Here is hoping this actually happens and we get the game promised many years ago. :) If nothing else we can give it our very best shot.
  10. SixShot

    SixShot New Member

    Firefall was a lot of fun at the start of the beta and further down the road, but at some point it just lost its edge, hope this time around it goes well, and i hope that fun from the last time i played firefall returns, best of luck and will be observing how it goes.
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  11. Earth_Soldier

    Earth_Soldier Deepscanner

    I know you but I dont owe anything to anyone, maybe to my mother because she gave birth to me and she can ask from me whatever she wants to, noone else.
  12. hadati

    hadati New Member

    It's so exciting to think about what this could actually become this time!

    Thanks for pursuing this Mark!
  13. ProffesorNormal

    ProffesorNormal New Member

    Thanks for this Mark and really looking forward to be onboard this new adventure :)

    Commander ProffesorNormal reporting in!
  14. sdebeli

    sdebeli New Member

    Well, thought it would be polite to drop by and check on the happenings. Good luck Mark, I hope this works out :)
  15. Targann

    Targann New Member

    So excited for this! Can't wait to see what the future holds!
  16. Yrkul

    Yrkul Active Member

    Locked, loaded and powered up.

    Please register my request for support personel with a thick, sexy accent.
  17. orinx

    orinx New Member

    I hope this project does well
  18. D3ath

    D3ath New Member

    This makes me happy, great to see Mark back in charge of this ship. Also really cool to see familiar founder faces from back around firefallfest. It's gonna be great and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future will bring for Ember.
    Sincerely, NowYouSeeMe
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  19. Robert Wolfley

    Robert Wolfley New Member

    Glad to see an attempt to revive the original Concepts that made the Beta fun to play. Good Luck & much support!
  20. Vinkel

    Vinkel Deepscanner

    Great to see you are back Mark! :D

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