DOUBLE UPDATE! THMPR animations and Omniframe gameplay docs

Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Mar 24, 2017.

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  2. 13umbleBee

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    I had a nerdgasm when I read manual power allocation... Lol
  3. Terricon4

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  4. 0V3RKILL

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    this news made my day. so many garbage games out there I am not interested in playing that the only hope I have is this game or if anyone fixes that firefall which I know it aint happening. I am so happy right now to see this progress.

    A lot of people have been negative about this game in firefall forum and also blizzard for not believing in it enough to make it. Well, I have this strong feeling that all those people soon are going to have to swallow their words as progress reaches the end. They are going to realize that they turned their backs on the best mmo.
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  5. liandri

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    That THMPR definitely does look pretty, but I couldn't help but notice just how big it looked. How are Omniframes going to scale in size to THMPRs, since from what little I've read, we'll be protecting them?
  6. MattHunX

    MattHunX Deepscanner

    I wonder if we'll see NPCs at outposts or small "villages" going about their daily routines (moving stuff, peace-keeping, patrolling) who will operative non-military-grade, more basic frames, that may or may not look visually less customized. Maybe a local gadget-head/engineer has a base-model that they kitted out, not only aesthetically but with customized servos and such for faster movement and they'll have side-jobs for you get them more parts for their frame or they want you to test them yourself by running a course...etc. Would be neat. And you'd have to wipe their saliva off your own frame, after every visit.

    Skim: so is skimming essentially sprinting?

    Jump-Jets: can we expect "air-control" to return, meaning, we can fine tune our thrusters and wings to be able to "dance" around in the air more fluidly.

    : Nice. What I had in mind. :)

    Yes! Nice! This could mean that we can squash critters and maybe not feel like even the smallest of them may be over-powered, because if they can fit on the top of our frames foot, it can crush 'em. Or just slice them in half mid-air with a sword, spilling their slimy guts on our frame's chest-plate.

    Iiiin-teres-ting! I like this a lot. Makes melee-ing more viable against shielded enemies. Definitely gives a purpose to light and medium-sized, faster frames, to close-in from the flanks or backs of enemies to slice and dice them, while the enemy is distracted by heavier frames that could soak up their damage, until they're cut down.

    But, surely if we'll have an ability similar to a shock-wave or push that does kinetic damage, it should affect larger opponent a little less. Maybe it could deal the same amount of damage to them, but perhaps they wouldn't be thrown back as much, if at all, by it, unlike smaller enemies that could be sent flying.

    POWER ALLOCATION sounds awesome!! I expect I'll get a distress signal, divert power to my jump-jets for added movement speed and longer sprinting (skimming), to get their quicker. Then, I find cover, divert power to my weapon system, while I asses the situation, checking my targets...etc. and then, with the added damage (and maybe even added range and accuracy), I start shooting. Hell, yes! Power allocation feels like a must. This really needs to be essential and have debt.
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  7. Shirokumo

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  8. MattHunX

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  9. Grummz

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    Updated the blog post to include the newly arrived THMPR landing animation:

  10. Ronyn

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    That's actually cooler than the famous super hero landing.
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  11. Terricon4

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    Nice! So that's how he'll be falling in.
    This just a temp thing or will he long term not have a drop pod or cage/resource bucket or anything he comes down in/with?

    Overall quite like it, but did have two gripes I kept noticing as I watched it that stood out.

    1. Noticed the drill clipped through the ground a lot as he just slides it though it into the vertical position till around two seconds. Doesn't first raise and shift his torso to give it space to be pulled out from under him.

    2. Also roughly around 3 seconds when he's getting up into the sitting/kneeling position he has a rather hard upwards then sudden downwards lurch that doesn't feel quite right for his scale. He didn't offset his center of gravity by swinging his arm or anything upward so he just suddenly drops his entire mid section and arms down a couple feet almost instantly. First makes him feel smaller than he is at that moment as something that large shouldn't drop that quickly like that, also gives the overall animation a sudden energetic/adrenaline/responsive feel since there was such a sudden jerk/motion like he's being alert and suddenly expecting combat. But then he gradually finishes standing up and slowly sets into an upright position making it feel a bit odd relative to the rest of the animation on how it reads. Might need to see it more from the side, but it doesn't look like him simply pivoting his torso backwards along his waist joint with the legs would have caused that sudden force pushing his waist downwards like that either.
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  12. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Ill take a other look at the anims, but will wait until they are in game. In game can change a lot of things. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Wyntyr

    Wyntyr Firstclaimer

    Cool stuff indeed! Can't wait to see the demo and what's in store for the next milestone!
  14. Grammar:
    Omniframe Gameplay Systems:
    Skim mobility mode - "...and abilities much recharge after skimming...." (should be "must")
    Melee damage "Targets in Em8er are categorized as small, medium large and monstrous...." (Add more commas, please)
    Creating Your Frame - The Frametype "While you will be provided with a stock choice of Frametypes at the beginning of the game...." (is this supposed to be capitalized?)
    Choose either "omniframes" or "Omniframes" (for consistency throughout)​


    • Resource tracker = awesome concept. Please make this happen.
    • Gliding movement suggestion: Barrel roll as an evasive maneuver or hard banking to change direction at the cost of speed. In my mind, this includes a maximum turn speed and "locking" the cursor into a smaller screen space to simulate an inability to perform quick movements.
    • Keyboard shortcuts for power allocation: reminds me of the game X-Wing for Windows 98(?), 2000(?). I LOVE THIS.
      • In X-Wing, you had enough power to allocate evenly between shields, guns, and engines at 50% of maximum potential power consumption each. e.g.: optimize weapon use by setting weapons to charge rapidly (100% power), shields to charge slowly (50% power), and engines to minimum power (speed) (0% power). You could also choose to discharge your shields to maximize power.
      • In Em8er, this could be done by optimizing for skimming with high engine power, shields charging slowly or simply maintaining current level without recharging, and abilities completely unpowered.
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  15. 0V3RKILL

    0V3RKILL Terraformer

    that landing looks very original. never seen it in any movie or cartoon of any kind. Question... when he takes the last knee is that for us to go in him? cause that's the only part I don't understand. He falls down, then he starts getting up and when he is alsmot completely up he does one more fall to take a knee. Makes me believe that's where we go in him? Am I right or wrong?
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  16. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    I particular like the landing too there is something super metroidish + sonic the hedgehog about it i like it ^^
    The drill animation where the other arm is stabilizing the drilling in position gets style points!

    "You can also customize the look of your omniframe my purchasing skins, emotes and sound fx from the game’s online store."

    Would there be something like in killing floor 2 where the community can make their own creation and submit to get it into the game? I particular like cool sounds but would animation packs be another thing available in the store too?

    The rest of the omniframe gameplay system all sounds very sexy Classless Design :cool:
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  17. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    He stumbles a bit on the rough terrain and drops a knee. :) Might be a variant animation to the regular landing. You don't get into a THMPR, they are autonomous "pets"
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  18. DropnLock

    DropnLock Member

    I cant help but see a Dwarf face on the THMPR lol. I it prolly just me but the walk gait and frontal chest all reminds me of Dwarves from WoW
  19. 0V3RKILL

    0V3RKILL Terraformer

    after you told me now I see it very clear, yeah it makes total sense. he is a beast that probably would weight tons if it were to be real. Not only that he comes in spinning hardcore. I can't wait to see him land next to my squad. I remember seeing the thumper land for the first time. Blown away to be honest. It never got old either. It was very impressive to see it land and take off. good times.
  20. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Scale is hard to judge. We wanted it to feel like it had weight when it moved. Omniframes and THMPRs can be resized in engine so we can play with size differences. Omniframes are probably 1/3rd the height to start, then we'll experiment.

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