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Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
The dragon plopped an egg on her head and decided to use her forehead as a plate this saved
the dishwasher for another day!

The cat makes a meow after the plate is cleaned this would indicate 100% cleaning
performance. However there is a high chance of a fur ball this could cause blockage to the sink.
Its best to use duck


Aug 7, 2016
tonight I had a dream that was a pre-greenscreen fantasy comedy. it followed traditionally evil fantasy races arranged into the classical elements (I think I saw some demons and elementals. it was pre-greenscreen, so it mostly relied on practical effects, close shots and dim lighting), making a stand against a feared and rarely seen dark-angelic-themed faction through innovations in dungeon-design. the protagonist was a human (creature of spirit), who had a scene where he proved himself by inventing underfloor heating to create a room that appeared to be in a hotter location than it actually was. I woke up during a dramatic reveal that he was getting corrupted by black tendrils in his blood.
Likes: Wyntyr