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Aug 7, 2016

there was a forum game called "throw me a bone" at the firefall forum. you throw a thing to the next poster and they react, then they do the same. It evolved to become just you do something to whoever the next poster is. we were teetering on the end of plot, and I wanted to make it official.
I got my character possessed and also got a mysterious underling who constantly entered new super modes. we started a ritual to cut the universe in half. there was a lot of bad (GM nobody asked for) and a lot of awesome (!=good).

think the other regular players/characters were
a phoenix
zakat (eldritch abomination)
someunregpunk (cat who manipulated probability or something). the only one I can remember seeing on this forum.
Link from legend of Zelda, but he's ultra rich and in space?

this was like six years ago.