Any plans to compensate founders?

Discussion in 'Flamewars, Gripes and Complaints' started by Chromatose, Jul 27, 2016.

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    Decimal is still on the wrong side.
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    wow, you guy's are almost as salty as reddit.
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    Mr Salty, is actually an in game I used in an Alpha once.
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    Just speaking of the downvoting on the ff reddit tbh.
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    Salty? You've not seen salty around here, yet... ^^ As for Reddit, they can keep their silly platform, now that the SJW's have over run it. They corrupt and taint, everything they touch.

    I'm hopeful that the Silver Tongued Bard (Grummz) can get things going in the right direction, and stay true to his Vision™ this time. It was a grand vision, and one that kept me in firefall (RIP) for years. Only time will tell this tale.
  8. Grummz

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    I had hoped to offer Firefall founders something. Unfortunately with Firefall servers closed and the forums down seemingly for good. There is no way to verify who was a FF founder. I'm pretty bummed about that.
  9. Mahdi

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    It would have been a huge list to go through regardless. We know who the founders are on Ember here and that's the important thing.
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  11. Tragedy

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    Doesn't archive more than 4-5 layers, I've got a copy of the complete Firefall website, though - @Kern, fortunately all hope is not lost and you still get to provide compensation to Founders - let me know where I should upload the data.
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    Mind you, 25% of the founders pack was a bargain for a game that lasted for what it did. Some spend hundreds of virtual ships, some spend it on pre release alpha games.
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  13. Mahdi

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    On point bro. For the money I put into FF, I got FAR more in return, even after launch. I still have a damn good group of gamer friends that I met in FF. As for the virtual takin' a shot a me! lol I got far too swept up in Star Citizen and am one of those that invested hundreds into it. Now I don't even log in but once every month to be sure it is updated. Just waiting for more to come about on it.
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  14. Xeevis

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    I have developed system that would let us gather founder status. It would work on on-demand basis.
    1. User would be required to login to their FF forum account and enable founder badge
    2. Then they'd have to set status to include username they have on Em-8ER forums (to establish verification bridge)
    3. Code would check founder status and form permanent bind of FF account to Em-8ER account
    4. Verified, done.
    Beside the major problem of forums being down now, there are other hurdles, we don't know who is operating those forums so I had to setup integrity verification platform I won't disclose details of ;). Another problem is that many founders would miss the opportunity (there is no way to announce it to all former founders) and obviously can't guarantee it will be available for long.

    IF forums ever go up again (big IF here), I'll try to launch website to gather as many founder stats I possibly can. If everything goes smooth and works as expected, this list might be used for special rewards. Could be something simple or if @Grummz is happy with it, it may yield game rewards as well. There is a big IF and no promises of anything :cool:.
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    I like this guy.
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    It's quite interesting that Moottoripyora is Finnish for motorbike ;)
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  17. Yrkul

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    Personally, I'd find getting a spiritual successor to Firefall ample compensation. :)
  18. Silv3r Shadow

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    Probably 90% of us (as a guess) are firefall 'vets' lol. Since we still kicked around lurking on the FF forums here and there Grummz collected us up from the misery it became ^.^
  19. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    it's up again. Who knows how long.
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