1. Sy

    The problem of pay-to-skin envy

    Ember will have a concept of time-limited skins in the store. This is a FOMO choice to help sales. This has a problem of envy from pay-to-play, hasn't-bought-anything-yet-but-might, or bought-other-things players. For each skin available to one player and not (or not appropriately) available...
  2. Sy

    Monetization - Subscription loyalty streaks

    For every month of subscription, give a person +x bonus emberbucks for the store. Allow the user to pause the subscription any time. For each month paused, subtract one x bonus. For every x "streak" milestone (e.g. 6 months, 12 months, etc) create an in-game indicator (maybe a forum tag). For...
  3. Faeryl

    Part 2- Bundles of Updates Coming Your Way!

    Next up in the Bundles of Updates, is the November 2022 Em-8er Patron skin of the month in case you missed it!! "Ace" Female Pilot skin (November 2022) Description:
  4. Faeryl

    Part 1 - Bundles of Updates Coming Your Way!

    Happy Wednesday Gatestriders!! We have a few bundles of updates to treat your eyes to today!! First up, the Em-8er Patron skin for the month of September 2022 has been added to all Em-8er Patrons accounts who were subscribed during the time period the skin would have been available...
  5. Faeryl

    Introducing , the October 2022 Em-8ER Patron Skin...

    Happy Thursday Gatestriders!! You have wanted something cute and fuzzy to squeeze and call your own to collect with your other plushies. But have you ever thought about what they may look like down on the planet and how big they really are? That's right, it's an Emberdon Mount folks! Here's...
  6. Sy

    Item skinning

    I think the good stuff starts at 19:30 Most notable to me is the weapons customization. It is so awesome I think the crafting loop should include that. It's an opportunity for skins, but it would make a big impression if it was conspicuously absent of monetization and was completely...
  7. Faeryl

    JULY 1, 2021 NOTES: Skin Grading System Revealed! Milestone 3 Progress Report & Extra Credit!

    We had an amazing stream today [Thursday, July 1, 2021], PACKED with information! We also unveiled how player skins will work in detail using the UPGRADED founder’s Geesuit. TLDR: We have achieved much and more to come! New build next week with Thumper encounter, and all monthly patron...
  8. M

    Skins with subscription?

    Hi there, I'm new and I just learned about this game along with cutesexyrobutt's art whom I've been a fan of! So from the website, I see each month we will get some sort of skin cosmetic that will be one day realized in the game. I see the current skin of the month is Selusha - June, and on the...
  9. Morihaus

    Unofficial EM-8ER Kickstarter Perk and Stretch Goal Suggestions Thread

    Unofficial Kickstarter perk and stretch goal suggestion thread! Hype train time! With Kickstarter rapidly approaching, and demo development picking up, I figured this was a good thread to start. So let's all collaborate our community ideas for what sort of goodies we want to see for...
  10. Sy

    RP server

    Is there a dev position on the idea of an RP server? Instead of just toggling off all of the nikomimi booty skins, a server-wide blanket ban would be nice, so I can not just toggle off the skins but go to an adult server to essentially toggle off those players.