Monetization - Subscription loyalty streaks


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Nov 16, 2018
For every month of subscription, give a person +x bonus emberbucks for the store.

Allow the user to pause the subscription any time. For each month paused, subtract one x bonus.

For every x "streak" milestone (e.g. 6 months, 12 months, etc) create an in-game indicator (maybe a forum tag). For example, it could be something subtle to the left of a user's name like a military badge that increases in complexity. Maybe a "level" or "achievement" type system would already be in place to at-a-glance see such accomplishment, and this streak would be a very slight highlight underneath it.

I personally don't think there should be any sort of "premium titles" in a more in-your-face way, and that if titles exist they should be tied to achievements and be purely cosmetic (convey no power).

Every x months of the game being alive, examine the costs and grandfather old subscribers into the new program with a discount, or don't change their prices, or provide a boost to their loyalty streak.


As an aside:

Provide a schedule and tell the users to expect finances to be audited and prices adjusted. Then take every opportunity for those times to come to repeatedly say that things have been examined and income is good. A "by the way" adjustment in three years will go over extremely well if there have been three-month financial updates or patch note mentions that openly state there will be no changes.

I got regular email updates from a company that talked about their shipping price changes (from gas price changes in Canada) and the "we're sucking it up for now" emails helped me better-receive the "well we tried but we can't and we're doing our best for now and will make it temporary" email (significantly) later.
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