1. Faeryl

    Part 6- Bundles of Updates Coming Your Way!

    And our final update, for now, in the Bundles of Updates... We're working on the blockouts for mech customization, white-boxing the Yellow Flash style that was on our Monthly Patron and General Store. This is NOT final art. Not even first pass. These blockouts are like rough lego models for...
  2. Faeryl

    Part 5- Bundles of Updates Coming Your Way!

    Take a look at this Geesuit 3D Model! We have a WIP to show of the low poly and bake of a new Geesuit we will be using in Em-8ER promos that will also be available in game. Here is an untextured WIP image that Discord tried to block! But we said NO, the waifu must flow!
  3. Faeryl

    Part 4- Bundles of Updates Coming Your Way!

    Heavy Frame Progress! Em-8ER is a game where you pilot mechs with jetpacks and hunt down giant monsters known as Kaiju! Play the movie below for a full 360 view of the heaviest mech currently offered in Em-8ER, the Heavy Omniframe (in rough blockout form meant for testing, not the final high...
  4. Faeryl

    Part 3- Bundles of Updates Coming Your Way!

    Next in our Bundles of Updates... High Poly Crodus is DONE! - Em-8ER is a game about hunting Kaiju with mechs and jetpacks! From very small Kaiju to the very, very large, Gozilla sized Crodus, we've got what they like to call in the military a "target rich" environment! The smaller Kaiju will...
  5. Faeryl

    Part 2- Bundles of Updates Coming Your Way!

    Next up in the Bundles of Updates, is the November 2022 Em-8er Patron skin of the month in case you missed it!! "Ace" Female Pilot skin (November 2022) Description:
  6. Faeryl

    Part 1 - Bundles of Updates Coming Your Way!

    Happy Wednesday Gatestriders!! We have a few bundles of updates to treat your eyes to today!! First up, the Em-8er Patron skin for the month of September 2022 has been added to all Em-8er Patrons accounts who were subscribed during the time period the skin would have been available...
  7. Faeryl

    Introducing , the October 2022 Em-8ER Patron Skin...

    Happy Thursday Gatestriders!! You have wanted something cute and fuzzy to squeeze and call your own to collect with your other plushies. But have you ever thought about what they may look like down on the planet and how big they really are? That's right, it's an Emberdon Mount folks! Here's...
  8. Faeryl


    Welcome!! This is the place (on the forums) where you will find information on the TWO Kamen America Crossover Skins!! KAMEN AMERICA "CARLY VANDERS" PILOT SKIN SHE IS FREE TO REDEEM!! Yes, you read that right, just follow the instructions below according to which fan group you are from...
  9. Remixthispurple

    Em-8er Holiday update Video

    Sorry I'm late getting this one out. Hope you enjoy.
  10. Remixthispurple

    August Update Video

    Catgirl and a new Game Engine!
  11. Remixthispurple

    Em-8er Update April 2021

    Hope you all don't mind me posting these updates here. Feel free to DM if i'm violating any TOS. Hope you enjoy!
  12. viikoreaux#8848

    Firefall's Spiritual Successor...?

    Let me start by saying that I love Em-8ER and the ideas behind it. Mark Kern is a huge inspiration for me personally, and I genuinely, deeply respect and admire him and his ideas. I'm not attempting to flatter; I just wanted this to be understood before I give my feedback. I loved Firefall...
  13. Faeryl

    Answers for Baraun about Em-8ER

    Hello there @baraun#6726 !! On the other thread, you asked a few questions about Em-8ER. I will do my best to answer your questions! Also, feel free to join the Em-8ER Discord where I can answer your questions in real time! Em-8ER Discord URL: http://discord.gg/em-8er Question 1: "What...
  14. 0V3RKILL


    I hate asking or mentioning my concerns especially when it’s about something I care about very much. You know how it is with some people. You ask them about their god or maybe question it’s existence and they feel offended when all I was doing was seeking for answers. Having said that I want to...
  15. Nunaden

    About Wikis

    Well I think this question was going to pop up when the game is out anyways, but rather sooner than later I guess. It's about the Wikis - and the question: Which wiki-software to use? Personally i would say Wikia as its flexibel, is easy to use and has features that make community-driven wikis...
  16. Silv3r Shadow

    Firefall - The Scarlet Dawn [Video] + [Bonus Em-8er demo!]

    Hope you all enjoy, watch till the end and Happy B'day Grummz! Feel free to like/sub. Ps. looking for other games with replay features also, suggestions? ^.^