Part 4- Bundles of Updates Coming Your Way!


Omni Ace
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Kaiju Slayer
Jul 26, 2016
Planet Earth, USA, East Coast
Heavy Frame Progress!

Em-8ER is a game where you pilot mechs with jetpacks and hunt down giant monsters known as Kaiju! Play the movie below for a full 360 view of the heaviest mech currently offered in Em-8ER, the Heavy Omniframe (in rough blockout form meant for testing, not the final high detail model - see below).

This is the new blockout of the Heavy Omniframe, a simplified prototype which we use to test proportions, artistic profile, and animation limits. We are excited to show you the tweaks we made to the proportions of the frame, lending it a more stylized appearance. Next, we will start working on test animations to see how the model looks in motion. Finally there will be more tweaks and changes on this simplified version, until we are satisfied. From there, it will go on to full-flow high detail modeling and then into the game. Making rapid changes on a simplified model streamlines production and lets us avoid mistakes before going to the time-consuming and costly final 3D modeling step. But what do you think? Let us know!