Part 3- Bundles of Updates Coming Your Way!


Omni Ace
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Jul 26, 2016
Planet Earth, USA, East Coast
Next in our Bundles of Updates...

High Poly Crodus is DONE!

- Em-8ER is a game about hunting Kaiju with mechs and jetpacks! From very small Kaiju to the very, very large, Gozilla sized Crodus, we've got what they like to call in the military a "target rich" environment! The smaller Kaiju will only take 1-4 players to take down, but this bad boy will take a hundred players to fight and even then, victory is not assured!

- The detail on the head is amazing, and necessary when you consider just how large this Kaiju Prime is compared to even the heaviest of Omniframes. It has to hold up when you get in close, and the head alone took several weeks of work!

- We focused on the head and the leg to show off Crodus, because these are the parts of this monster that you will see the most! But if you get that close to being stomped, we cannot honor the warranty your Omniframe!

- The detail is so intense, you can see every ridge on Crodus's claw! Take a look at the video (below) to see just how big Crodus is compared to a typical human pilot!

- Now that high poly work is done on Crodus, he is ready for final low poly, baking and Unreal Tests! Expect more work in progress updates as we get him ready for the Kickstarter cinematic!