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Jul 26, 2016
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Hello there @baraun#6726 !!
On the other thread, you asked a few questions about Em-8ER. I will do my best to answer your questions! Also, feel free to join the Em-8ER Discord where I can answer your questions in real time!

Em-8ER Discord URL:

Question 1: "What is this game all about?"
Em-8er is a mech verses Kaiju Action-MMO. In other words: Em-8ER is a multiplayer, open world, co-op shooter that pits players against a ruthless, shape-shifting, alien army we call Shifters (known as Tsi-Hu in their alien language). The game is a simulated war where massive battles ebb and flow across the planets surface. Hundreds of players will be fighting at any given time in skirmishes involving mechs, giant monsters, and military bases.

Question 2: "How do i get in on the demo of Em-8ER?"

The first 3 crowd funding campaigns on IndieGoGo have ended.
The current crowd funding camapaign is being run directly on the Em-8ER website.
The Kickstarter campaign has not been announced yet but, it's coming SOON™!

There are two options in order to support Em-8ER right now ...

OPTION A: The Newcomer Backer Packs:

This option has multiple packs at different prices from $35 to $1500 USD.
They are a one time purchase and come with separate rewards.
The packs can also be upgraded over time. Backers will get immediate access to the most current test build demo.


OPTION B: The Em-8ER Patron Subscription:

There is NO Patreon, nor any other 3rd party sites. The Em-8ER Patron Subscription is created and run by the Em-8ER Dev Team.

This is a completely optional monthly subscription for $7.95 USD with skins that change each month and will be vaulted once the month ends. The vaulted skins will then be available as rare items once the game goes live.

Other items included in the Em-8ER Patron Subscription:
- Updates to the Vision Book PDF (which is seen in draft form on the forums).
- Novel being written by Mark Kern; chapter by chapter as they are completed.
- Roleplaying Source Book "Gatestriders"; section by section, as they are completed.
**ALSO** Patron Subscribers get access to one test build demo behind backers.
Dec 26, 2019
It sounds like a nice concept. (jetpack, pve, open world, customizable frames)
Would there be a montly subscribtion after having backed it as patreon?
Can i get a feel of the general idea before depositing , as in paying a subscription fee and later upgrade to patreon if it pleases?
Most of the patreon stuff still sounds like latin to my ears.

It sounds like firefall, first person shooter world of warcraft like. (will there be bosses? dungeons? achievements? stuff to brag about to stroke our ego's?)
I loved firefall for the coop pve open world, the diverse frame building mechanics and the artstyle.
How likely is this game going to succeed in achieving these prequisites, how big is the developers team?
How will the engine cope with lag?
How hackerproof will the servers be? Spiceweasels and such... Fadedpez did a friday show about the guys defending the servers backend once, and it was not pretty at times they said.
Will it be "overbalanced" or will there be a true feeling of uberpowerfullness.
I hope there will be reasonable permanent item decay. (this was a delicate point in firefall, i liked how items laster a long time yet not forever) I say this because if you reach max level you need a reason to continue playing.

Ive got so many questions and will make time to visit discord to go more in dept like you suggested.