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    Video Update 8 - Choose the THMPR Laugh

    Okay, couple things: 1st: Still not sure about the THMPR laughs. Having a tinny, mechanical beepy voice only makes me think of Bastion from Overwatch. Having the original "sinister one" doesn't sound much like a laugh. There's bound to be a perfectly memorable voice for the big guy; maybe...
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    Em-8ER Video Update 7. CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS!

    GAHH, why hitscan?? Tired of hitscan, it's so polarizing in terms of playstyle. Also opens the door for aimbots. As for weapons I'd like to see? You know there better be some heavy machine gun variants in there somewhere. I also hope to see some variants of grenade launchers, including the...
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    Will Aero make a return in Em-8er ?

    Aero's voice acting was, for the most part, one of the best delivered sets of lines in Firefall. Some of the characters were nerve-grating at times, but by and large, Firefall had quality voice acting--and I'm picky about my voice acting. I will call out even the best mediocre acting when I...
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    Em-8ER Video Update #1

    So we're all playing as then? Get back in that new meka or DIE, son. Also, is it just me or does the THMPR just not dig very deep? Might need some good old extendo-arm action to get to the really juicy minerals and such, eh? Also, it's really kind of vindicating to hear Firefall team...
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    A few updates

    Progress is progress. So long as the path is still clear and we're not lost in the woods, every step is one closer to success.
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    IMPORTANT: Omniframe Mk II

    Careful, Mark. Too many changes in direction hurt Firefall badly...
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    Fatigue for this Genre before Em8er is released?

    Tragic how a simple acronym can become such a stigma, amirite? Buncha bad apples spoiled it for the rest of us, the BASTIDS!
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    Friday Update - Tsi-Hu in Progress!

    Some Rick and Morty level shenanigans right there... "Come on Morty you gotta put-BURP-put on these clogs, quick! Hurry up Morty they won't attack us if we look like them and they identify each other by their f-BUUUUURP-feet! Hurry the F*%& up Morty stop lookin for laces they're F*^&ing CLOGS...
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    Fatigue for this Genre before Em8er is released?

    The reason people may/will be fatigued with the genre likely has little to do with the type of gameplay they offer and more to do with their pricing schemes and aftermarket marketing--AKA loot boxes. The explosive prevalence of the now-ubiquitous lootbox progression scheme makes these games...
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    Importance of Currency 'fillers'

    A world where the NPC's and environment respond to the influx and outflux of goods and resources by adjusting the prices for supply and demand is a big start; it's a simple thing missing from almost all other MMO-style games. An ecosystem would definitely slap some incentives on careful...
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    Importance of Currency 'fillers'

    Inflation in an MMO occurs for a simple reason: open economy. By "open" I mean more currency is injected into it by the players without a finite limit. How? It's right under your nose. Kill mob, money spawns on his corpse, loot. Thus the economy inflates. That money comes out of nowhere...
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    L.O.F.T. Topic suggestions

    I'm just glad we're not getting literal classes like FF. I hated that we had frames that excelled in both mobility in firepower, like the Firecat, and then frames that sorely lacked in both, like the mammoth. It made no sense that speed and/or firepower were literally the name of the game in...
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    Alien Naming Contest Winners!

    WOO top ten! I'm cool with that! Wait, a couple glossies for that? Sweet. I imagine we'll get some emails or PM's asking for details later. Still looking forward to future developments!
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    Archeage inspired question/problem part 2

    I see this question as a long running, yet very subtle and stealthy problem--meaning, it's one most people don't see as a problem and thus don't say anything. "Convenience items" from cash shops exist for one reason: because the game is designed to inconvenience you for no other reason than to...
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    Archeage inspired question/problem part 1

    Part of what makes this question challenging to answer is the manner in which we reflexively imagine "support" and "DPS" in a game that doesn't yet exist. Good money down says the absolute first things that pop into peoples' heads are healing and big damage numbers. Given what little we know...