The THMPR Art Demo is LIVE!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ronyn, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    One Question to you guys: Will this be the final environment for the game? A snow planet? Really loved this already^^
  2. NanoTechnician

    NanoTechnician Emberite - THMPR - Deepscanner

    I suspect multiple biomes, the planet's been terraformed.


    As the story unfolds, more place will open up for us to get at!
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  3. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    I see it's potential^^
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  4. DinsdaleP13

    DinsdaleP13 Firstclaimer

    I believe Grummz said the world would be made of "Lava and Ice, and other things not so nice." At least at first, until it starts being terraformed. You can take a look at some of the concept tiles here:
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  5. Jag

    Jag Member Kaiju Slayer

    Would be great to see how the world develops even after release
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  6. Shirokumo

    Shirokumo New Member

    The following text is translated with: Google translator !.

    I really liked it better when the Mining T.H.M.P.R. More such a kind of tower drill was how he was at firefall !.

    Or is the intellectual theft of the Mining T.H.M.P.R. Just like the one from firefall.

    OR we can do this several different types of: Mining T.H.M.P.R. give ?.
  7. PIghead Elderberry

    PIghead Elderberry Active Member JUMBO KAIJU SLAYER

    I see what you mean, but I think this one will be better overall.

    He still is huge compared to us, and can come in from the sky like the FF Thumpers.

    Having him move will make the combat much much more fun vs. the static thumper.

    Also - having to escort him to protect him and the resources will add a much much more fun and entirely new play mechanic which we never had in FF thumping.

    I think it will be a big improvement overall - because we'll have all the combat as with the old FF Thumping AND we'll have the new combat of the escort - AND we'll have a dynamic Thumper working with us in combat and probably more in the long term future.
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  8. Shirokumo

    Shirokumo New Member

    I understand what you mean.

    And I think you're right. That we have so a better possibility to get resources where a thumper hien will never come.
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  9. NaleelDragneel

    NaleelDragneel Tsi-Hu Hunter

    They could litterally just reduce the size of the humans to be proportional to the thmpr to do stuff idk if it would save data or reduce pixels or something but it will REDUCE SOMETHING (i hope) SOMETHING MUST BE REDUCED CAUSE EM8ER IS TOO EPIC FOR MY TINY BRAIN TO TORQUEING COMPREHEND on second thought, dont reduce anything MAKE IT BIGGER cause everyone knows BIGGER IS BUTTER
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