The Danger of a Technocratic Society

The Danger of a Technocratic Society

As I was reading the Vision Book, the alternate history, how the Enshigi ruled with science as they advanced it, while attempting to repress the emotional side of humanity, it showed a definitive dangerous downside of a society that may want to eliminate irrationality through the enforcement of science, empiricism, logic, materialism and the simultaneous eradication of emotion, expecting it would leave no room for errors in judgement or weakness. Ironically, that was the mistake itself.

I'm an atheist and also an anti-theist. Heavily critical of organized religion(s), depending on what extreme behavior their adherents and zealots may display. But, I'm not against spirituality, which is different. And even non-religious people can be very well be spiritual.

So my initial reaction to the Enshigi's power-grab was positive, for about a whole paragraph, where it went south. They were going too far to elevate a science-oriented society. While not exactly an officially researched prediction of sociopolitics, the alternate history of the game's universe, can already serve as a compelling cautionary tale about the pitfalls of even well-intentioned exercises of governing power. Putting ourselves in the shoes of a citizen from that fictional era, post war, how could anyone possibly see any folly in trying to build a society driven only by cold, hard science and reason? The promise and subsequent onset of such a golden age only further lowers people's guard, who are living under that seemingly benign rule, both them and those who govern unable to see its course. Or perhaps in the case of the government, they care not for what humanity has to sacrifice and those below them will not remain blind to their intent forever. And so it was the case, here.

Though this tendency towards a dystopia, rather than a promised utopia, is not unique, as many science-fiction novels also envision the same thing, it still makes for a solid foundation upon which the rest of that world's history and lore may stand on. It reminds me of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. It ought to be a utopia, but upon a closer look, it is the opposite and the large majority of the people living in it are unaware. Well, there's Soma involved, too. But, it is a form of manipulation and social engineering, through the consumption of chemicals that are critical to the stability of that society...and to its stifling stagnation.
This gave me an idea

So it would seem the Enshigi are far worst than the tsihu
Well, we supposed they could potentially be an even greater enemy. Maybe some splintered Tsi-Hu faction will want to ally with the Reapers once the Enshigi start muscling in on the planet (for whatever reason, for their tech maybe) .
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Well, we supposed they could potentially be an even greater enemy. Maybe some splintered Tsi-Hu faction will want to ally with the Reapers once the Enshigi start muscling in on the planet (for whatever reason, for their tech maybe) .
So some tsihu have defected to the Reapers and some of the other tsihu have been forcefully controlled by the Enshigi to bolster their forces.

If that is the case would we eventually see tsihu Defectors as part of the Reaper Higher ranks and if so would there patterns look different with special outfits compared to the Tsihu on the Enshigi side maybe they have a different pattern.

Alternatively they are a different division to specialize in the beast mode and it is another way to play the game rather than using the mek. If we ofc that opened the way we could have our own kaiju version.

I'd imagine the Enshigi will look even more menacing than the tsihu and with the remaining tsihu on their side they may look have adapted a similar look because perhaps the Enshigi have them controlled in a cellular level.
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Jan 26, 2017
The society driven by logic and an absence of emotion remind me of the Alb Elexetors in Elex. Sure they had vastly superior technology and it allowed them to survive in an otherwise inhospitable waste, but they had a complete lack of empathy or ability to understand the reasons behind an "illogical" action and usually reacted with extreme violence and taking anything they wanted by force because they were "superior".
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Aug 14, 2016
But what about the old sci-fi troop of how a super advanced technological society can still be over all dumb? Because their people have a bad habit of over thinking things as well as a lack of basic imagination and practical skills, simple and intuitive ideas don't really cross their minds. Meaning that even if they have the technology to bend space and time or warp reality itself, their society as a whole lack common sense.

You see this a lot of in sci-fi when dealing with alien races. In fact a number of us make a game out of it. Listing off things from movies, shows, and games pointing out super advanced races that are too dumb to really exist.