1. liandri

    Anima Foundation Guild Lore - Chapter 4 Alaz

    Hi all. I'm currently writing a set of 5 stories to flesh out the background of the guild I intend to create. This is Chapter 4, following the Lorebringer Emerson Alaz, his Scribe understudies Macy and Vel, and their omniframe mechanic Rivet, on a mission to Seraph Vulcan's resting place to...
  2. Crystalbeam

    Tell us your moments at FireFall, your adventures in the past.

    Hey! This thread can be a place where you tell me, and everyone else who reads, your time at firefall. From the start to end. Up to you. How ever you want. So i'll start off, maybe this will get no views but hey, Firefall was a jam. Crystalbeam is me and you may have seen me, I started right...