Spam Thread - Madness revised

Jul 26, 2016
Before trump and the states made the order to keep everyone home, airlines were already cutting back their flights. Air transportation was looking at the crap that is a happening with corona and cruise ship transportation and decided they didn't want that crap to happen to them.

Short of handing out biohazard suits with oxygen gear to everyone, there isn't much we can do to curb the flu without a vaccine from spreading from those that are carrying it but ain't sick to those that don't have it.

Maybe that pastor got some ideas.
Or maybe that pastor has looked at the number of donations to his church since this crap started and decided that safety isn't as important as money.

oh wait this is Paster Locke... this dude cheated on his wife and then after a divorce married the girl he cheated on his wife with. I'm sure that tweet had altruistic intentions. Stupid twit.

.... darn... too much a downer.... here's something happy to look at...
skip to 1:40 to see something funny. Or just watch the whole thing.
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