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    UPDATE: It's here!



    I'm still not happy with the look of the product page. I'm going to have this up tomorrow instead of tonight so we can make sure its of the same quality as the forums. The art, however, is great. The orthographics of the T.H.M.P.R. are clear and straightforward for modeling. Its like a blueprint, but for 3D work.

    Sorry for the delay and see you tomorrow!
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  4. Bacterial

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    inb4 somebody gets here b4 fooni
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  5. Mizogin

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    Too late!
  6. NewColossus

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    Everybody's piling inb4 foonie
  7. NitroMidgets

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    So, where's it at?
    I know, just wait. I waited something like 8yrs for the game Mark was pitching to us back in the day. Really want to see what they are working on.
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  8. Vedemin

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    Guys, I feel like I've missed something :( Why is everybody writing inb4 fooni? :(
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  9. Astro

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    T-Minus 1 hour and 20 minutes! Mark said before 5:00PM PDT!
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  11. NitroMidgets

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    The sadness has set in. It will be gone soon as my ADD kicks in and likely an hour from now I ask what happened to the coming art. Not sure, can't remember but ADD might be a real bitch.
  12. bolapi

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    cant wait for see new art what look like :D
  13. WaspKiller

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    Cant wait :D #inb4fooni
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    srsly, Fooni hasn't posted yet >!>!>!>!>!
  15. Bolverk

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    Fooni must be asleep.....
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  16. Ruv

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    hyped up for this ever since i quit firefall!
  17. Fac3man

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    Fuck Yeah...i love it already and its even better than in ff
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    the artwork looks great
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  19. Btabc

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    I do have to admit that the concept so far seems interesting enough along with the mechanics of the game. So I notice that we'll be guiding this to the nearest player built refinery and that we're terraforming planets, but will those be ANY player that's built a refinery? And if it heads to ANY refinery, is there a "fee" for refining?

    I guess I'm going to have to wait for there to be more info on this... too many questions haha

    On a side note, nice concept art!
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