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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. NitroMidgets

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    Firefall back in the day had so many great memes. Waffles, people getting Kharon'd and so on.
  2. Vedemin

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    Thanks :) I kinda figured it out, thanks for confirming :)

    P.S. inb4 Fooni :p
  3. zdoofop

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  4. Sorry to update everyone with this but fooni will be away for a week :(

    So inb4 Fooni
  5. Despair

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    Finally i know the undeniable truth about it!
  6. Sandsnake

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    AWesome. THe backlore link is amazing, thanks for that.
    Also, page 3 and InB4Fooni. Glad that got started again. It's the little things, you know?
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  7. Wyntyr

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    Glad to see the art! Thanks Grummz!
  8. MrSinclair

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    i like the thumper design:D ..the clawtoo
  9. Sinyx

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    Batman is here for that bat-concept, when is here, call Alfred, thanks!
  10. Schuu

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  11. Angel McWalsoft

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    Fooni sleeps?
    Not trying to leave you out, but It is kind of an inside thing from FireFall the Forum. the reason is simply that they are In B 4 Fooni.
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  12. Angel McWalsoft

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    If the T.H.M.P.R. is fighting well sized Mini Bosses then how big will are gear be. I mean size wise, are we to fight in personal armor like Dreads, or something 3 or 10 Meters.

    Great looking concept.
  13. SeductivePancake

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    You guys brought back the original operator voice! I was bummed when they removed the voice in FF, Now that she's back in this game, "hopefully" I have some high hopes for this game. On a side note The Art looks fantastic the T.H.M.P.R looks gigantic compared to the Lady in the picture. Gets me thinking what the scale of other robots in the game will be. Will definitely donate when I get the money.
  14. Despair

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    /signed for truth
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  15. mayhemmike

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    ok what the hell? who left fooni back in firefall
  16. Beerdog6

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  17. bedauri nenion

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    Here are screenshots from a Huawei model# Y538 (build _ Y538C237B160 _ andriod ver. 5.1.1)
    Inconsistencies :
    1) Could not scroll to to see all Tabs. Screenshot_2016-08-03-06-01-11.png Screenshot_2016-08-03-06-01-24.png
    (Top menu bar wouldn't allow scrolling to view other available tabs within mobile version)
    2) Did not show any banner displaying Game title "Ember"
    (in both normal and horizontal perspective: "Ember" title does not display)
    #2 does not seem to be game breaking, just a graphics display error, possibly.
  18. tis the same on my phone, It isn't really much of a problem. Still very easy to navigate round compared to the Firefall forums site. So far this forum has been very mobile friendly, hopefully it stays like that for a while.
  19. Drega

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    Awesome! Keep up the good work!
  20. Rhombus

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    Fooni...come out, wherever you are!

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