PDF Game Vision Book Next Week - Sneak Peak Next Fundraiser


Ember Dev
Jul 25, 2016
ART Demo Shipped Last Friday!

PDF Game Vision Book Ships Next Week!

We are happy to announce that the main goal of the IndieGoGo campaign, the THMPR Art Demo, was shipped to backers last week.

The reaction was fantastic, here are a few samples:

“AMAZING!!!!! Wonderful graphics…The THMPR movement is amazing to watch, and that chuckle emote just WOW I LOVE IT. The landscape and environment are breathtaking to see and the movement of the THMPR is truly great” - DropnLock

“Very nice! Especially like the reflections on the armor. It actually looks like it's &$%#$ metallic. Terrain looks realistic, too. Movement looks good. Not awkward, like in a few other (much bigger budget) games.” - MattHunX

“I must say, i can't say how much i love this demo alone. I really want to see more^^” - Despair

If you are a backer and have not received your e-mail with download link, please contact @Ronyn on the forums at www.em8er.com

If you were not a backer, but want a chance to snag the EXE, you can back us on our next fundraiser for immediate access.

PDF Game Vision Book Next Week

Next week the PDF version of the Game Vision book will be shipping to all "Ready, Player One" and above backers. This is the final version that will be sent to printers for those expecting the hardcopy version.

Player Characters - Next Fundraiser in 30 Days.

The next milestone fundraiser is for the player characters and will be announced very soon. Here is a sneak peak:



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Jul 26, 2016
I totally can't wait for my completely paintable thumper model! I know they were a pain to make but I do hope there will be an option at some point for the omni-frame model (that isn't attached to a $1500 buy-in :p). It would be a shame not have both of them for a complete set.


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Jul 26, 2016
Player Characters - Next Fundraiser in 30 Days.

Wait, does that mean the fundraiser starts June 3rd!?
Apr 22, 2017
I can tell you now, it's a leap in realistic technology.

eh, i prefer more stylized looks over realistic. every year there is a new "standard" for realistic models and after a few it becomes out of date and pales in comparison to the new next gen stuff. however stylized things dont follow that trend and still look good years later as, well... they're not trying to go all out realistic.
in my eyes Firefall's characters still look good as they have a sorta Cartoony/Anime look to them (though i do agree that they show their age).

(edited to clarify my POV/add on to my train of thought.)
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