Not exactly a complaint...


Jul 27, 2016
but after dumping upwards of 2000$ into supporting firefall's alpha and beta development, only to have the game replaced with generic plugin's on release and then shut down less then a year later, what guarantee's do we have that this will not be a repeat?


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Jul 27, 2016
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what guarantee's do we have that this will not be a repeat?
Could check the chief chat when it happens and see what is going on and ask questions directly to the dev and others for further answers.

Personally i am trusting them because they are working steadily and keep adding updated demos and other content.

Already see you are supporting Em8er it is good you are here with so many who have played in firefall and those who have not too can bring much to the table.

Sadly none of us can predict the future, we can only do our best and support and play our part.
I hope you will be part of this when the game comes to life for all.


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Jul 26, 2016
What is the guarantee that what happened to firefall wont happen with Em-8er?
The first reason is.....YOU!
Well, everyone really. This community.
You see Em-8er is community funded. That means we are able to build this game, step by step, due to the continuous contributions of this community. That means there is no outside corporate investor that is in a position to come in and push the game in different direction. That was the biggest reason firefall went off the rails in the way that it did.

The second reason is the laser focus we have on delivering the core gameplay experience. We have learned from hindsight what did and didnt work in firefall, so this time we can devote our entire selves to what works.

Ultimately I'd say that if you're not convinced that is totally ok.
Just keep watch on us and see how the game develops.
Some cool stuff has happened, more cool stuff is on the way!