MMO's are way too easy nowadays.

Aug 18, 2016
Anyone remember RaiderZ? I have been playing on the private server RaiderZ legends and i have been REVELING in the DIFFICULTY of the game, and that feeling when you actually solo a boss that is MEANT for a party it took about 20 minutes to actually beat that boss solo, It was meant for a party of 3-4 and it wasn't easy I used 20 potions that restored half my health and was seriously struggling with the bosses mechanics, I died 3-4 times before I figured out how to avoid the boss's attack patterns, and not get grabbed slammed into the ground and tossed 10 feet away each of these damaging me. Yeah this boss straightup grabs you and anything big enough to straight up grab you, will if you give it the opportunity.

Does anyone else remember when bosses had ACTUAL MECHANICS, when they didn't just run at the tank the whole fight and throw circles on the floor you have to walk out of before those circles ignite about 5 seconds later or the boss throws a fireball into that circle in the floor.? In RaiderZ bosses move, THEY CHANGE THEIR ATTACK PATTERNS at certain health percentages. If they throw a circle you better move out of it or its going to one shot you. Sometimes they don't even give you a circle, sometimes they just yell and make an action and you just have to know you need to back the hell up or your getting knocked the heck back and stunned.

If you care for an anime metaphor its Log Horizon the true game. I say this because log horizon the anime has examples of bosses that do real damage and really difficult attack patterns.

I played RaiderZ back when the original game was still around I was about 13 at the time. I thought it was mediocre. I was new to the genre, I was mostly focused on graphics and was playing a game called Star Trek Online, and this was my first taste of a real Fantasy MMORPG. Now I step back into RaiderZ and I'm genuinely impressed. Its not an easy game. It has those above mentioned mechanics. Its not a breeze your way through a dungeon, and get some cheap beatstick weapon that does a million damage, I'm not naming names......... TERA ONLINE........ You want gear, you have to kill mobs for their dropped materials you have to go to the correct npc and craft it. You repeat this process as you increase your level.

This is my perspective with a new player 7 day buff. That buff is going to go away, when it does the game is going to get harder. I am excited for this. The the first dungeon they give you in RaiderZ. Sorry did I say they give you a Dungeon? No, they throw a wall in your face its a glowing magic portal wall, and on the other side of the wall there is a plant monstrosity of a horde of monsters 2-3 levels higher than you that hit harder than you do and those monsters don't come at you 1 at a time. MMO's need to stop adding easy mode, they need to add harder modes and the content which should be difficult in the first place.

There is a saying by someone everyone knows, JFK: We choose to go to the moon in this decade, and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, Because that challenge is one we are willing to accept. One we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win." I believe this is the same reason we are so bored in this age of easy MMORPG's Just look at Revelation Online, They do not even pretend to offer a challenge in that game. Black Desert Online doesn't offer a challenge either. The only challenge in Black Desert Online is how long you can stand killing the same monsters over and over.

I want a challenge. I want a good MMORPG. I want to have to work for my fun. I want to do something hard and that makes it more rewarding to succeed. I would like to see Em8er be a hard game. I want a challenge at every turn, I want the game to be difficult. I want it to be rewarding to overcome things in em8er. I want that sense of oldschool MMO values in em8er. Games being hard was a huge part of what MMORPG's so amazing. Its why classic WoW is good. Its why Bless Online shut down. Its why Revelation Online, is an empty game. Make em8er difficult advertise it as such, encourage players to work together, and you will make a game to surpass all expectations. Black Desert Online actually penalizes you for playing in a party reducing exp and drops for joining a group. RaiderZ gives extra rewards for partying RaiderZ increases the amount of dropped materials, it increases exp in a party and shows it in the combat log by indicating a #of exp+#of extra exp.
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Dec 15, 2016
For me, the reason why MMO’s are easy mode nowadays is that enemies don’t have some sort of teamwork or sense of planning. They just rush in into your face and start hacking away. Even the damage you deal is somewhat consistent with the stats you have and they take full damage no matter what. The only time there would be such noticeable differences is during instanced groups and raids which are...expected. Outside of dungeons, when was the last time you saw an AI healer that runs around reviving his team, an AI tank that forces your focus onto him or an AI assassin that suddenly kills you as soon as he plants his dagger on your back?
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Jul 27, 2016
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Anyone remember RaiderZ?
Heard of it but never played it, played neverwinter i think its still fun for free casual play going through the stories and the humour from some of the npc's are nice too.

I have seen in some boss raids how certain groups would know where to move reading the boss when the dragon stretches its wings is it going to slam attack the ground etc

Sometimes it highlights the area of the floor in red so we all know what is coming.

I hate super tough bosses although there is that satisfaction of beating it and earning some sort of Dragon slayer achievement title etc

Also made easier when you are in a good team that actually revives instead of stand right on top zapping away at things :p

There are times like these that my solo alter ego appears so i go my own pace and do something else !
Oct 29, 2016
I don't think I want those Chosen mortar accurately at me more than 300m range again, though...
But hey, challenge is a welcome addition, but it might hurt the playerbase since not everyone likes it harder. Maybe tone it down a bit when you start, not like freakin dark soul that made me lost to the graveyard with skellingtons. And then there's min-maxing meta.
I just hope challenges doesn't force me to use gears that I don't want to use, like other MMOs with their meta and their playerbase bashing on other player that want to play differently.

I agree that the enemies need some advanced AI that could react to whatever the situation they were in, like in other MMOs bosses that changes pattern when their health downed to some percentage to trigger it (WoW, ESO, Guild Wars, etc), skill synergy between their allies, have some priority on what to defend/attack depending on the unit available on the battleground or sumthing like retreating instead of spaghetti code. But, the time to make all of that, oof.


Jun 22, 2017
Certainly! however there is a fine balance between a good challenge and not being casual friendly!
i'm personally all for having fights where you have to use your noggin, rather than just clicking the same rotation now and then.
For a real challenge, i like bosses that are mechanically hard, not just cause of high health or insane damage, but by unique moves or patterns that keeps me on my toes with what i'm fighting! and personally, i think bullet sponges can be very boring with simple patterns, which i think is a bad difficulty or challenge.