I'm a Sci-fi LARP writer / scientist wanting to help out with lore, NPCs etc :D


Jun 25, 2017
I asked this question on discord and Grummz asked me to post here ^_^

Is there any possibility to help writing lore and NPCs and stuff? I'm a sci-fi LARP writer so I have a lot of experience with world/setting creation, and writing engaging NPCs.

In the sci-fi LARP setting (SevCol) which I originally designed (for a novel) and refined with my game masters team for the larp, I helped to work out the physics of the setting (ie FTL travel), and besides that I'm a biologist (ecology) so I can help with the terraforming science parts too :)

I can also help with stories and tabletop RPG stuff :)
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Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
I had asked about this once right after the first milestone to get the website up. I didn't have any grand ideas. Just wanted to write about one NPC. Shady lawman type. People will love him for his bastardly deeds or hate him because...well...he's a bastard. Have a bad ass quote he says often too.

I was gently told to put the thought on the back burner.
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