1. liandri

    Anima Foundation Guild Lore - Chapter 4 Alaz

    Hi all. I'm currently writing a set of 5 stories to flesh out the background of the guild I intend to create. This is Chapter 4, following the Lorebringer Emerson Alaz, his Scribe understudies Macy and Vel, and their omniframe mechanic Rivet, on a mission to Seraph Vulcan's resting place to...
  2. anmaja

    I'm a Sci-fi LARP writer / scientist wanting to help out with lore, NPCs etc :D

    I asked this question on discord and Grummz asked me to post here ^_^ Is there any possibility to help writing lore and NPCs and stuff? I'm a sci-fi LARP writer so I have a lot of experience with world/setting creation, and writing engaging NPCs. In the sci-fi LARP setting (SevCol) which I...
  3. MattHunX

    Enemies (literally) next door and power-leveling foolishness

    Okay, the first issue is something that could be solved, depending on how they design the environment, lore and distances. In FF, particularly at Trans Hub in Coral Forest, either Chosen or Bandits (depending on which faction the game feels like spawning) are massing, not only next door, but...