If You Dont Like The Unreal 4 Engine........

Discussion in 'Ember & The Unreal Engine' started by IAmJohnGalt, Dec 24, 2016.

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    You can't per say go wrong with mainstream engines like UE4 or Unity or Lumberyard or (...). Choice of engine depends on many factors, what kind of game, what middleware you want to use, target platforms, how much you want to use various asset stores etc. Unity is great for indies, it's great for C# developers used to Visual Studio IDE, it's great for multiplatform development, you can achieve comparable results as with any other engine as long as you have muscle to pull it off, but how much of it is relevant for Em-8ER? Not that much. Similar can be said about other engines. I'm Unity guy, but completely understand Grummz's decision to go with UE4 for Em-8ER.
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    ... or 40+ developers building the next advancement to the engine your game relies upon that you are not paying for until you have something worth charging for.
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    LumberYard IS 100% cryEngine desigend for cloud hosting. considering SC is an instance based MMO, smart move.

    And I like unity as long as it's not a mobile game. Those games tend to clear my adnroid devices' battery within an hour, and judging from my old pcGPU's condensator whine, that's to be expected.
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    I really like that sig.

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