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    You got a point with the fb and having the phone right to the face i almost hit some people on their phones while i was riding my bike its as if the world around them has vanished and they are zoned in that nice little screen :D

    As with speaking up i have done that quite too often especially when they know they are in the wrong but due to their position
    e.g. boss, assistant manager etc they feel that it does not apply to them.... its even more interesting when the work force turns their back against someone who is voicing their concern because of the fear of losing their own job!!

    with the body image stuff its all this look at me so called selfie culture and then you wonder why
    its easy targeting and leads to bullying and etc etc privacy is nice!
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    You nailed it buddy. Don't underestimate the little guy.
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    So i'm curently going through my level twelve of my hero's journey. I'm going to kick and scream for a while and there's not much i can do about it. I use the hero's journy as a basis for my experience as anyone can relate to this. I'm going to kick and scream. Neo, you did more than well. You figured it out.

    The game is getting old but, it's definitely worth it. I like the way your mind works, you don't know it yet but you got a lot of potential.

    I like the way you think.
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    Both tests and anecdotal evidence shows that I'm smarter than 99% of the human population. And after my injuries I "laid down the sword" and fully dedicated my time to learning. But since I still seek knowledge, that would mean that I still don't see myself as smarter than everybody else. I can still admit that I'm wrong, and I can still revise my perspective if presented with solid evidence and arguments... Unlike certain other people.

    You are still rambling, and you are still using concepts and terminology that you obviously don't understand. And you're being defensive about it, which is not a good sign. It shows you have an investment in your belief, which will skew your perception and ability to evaluate.
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    So, you DO think you're smarter than everyone. I'm not questioning that you are. It's obvious to anyone that you are. All i was arguing is that this is what you believe.

    Hanging out with you guys has triggered my brain into what in eastern philosophy is called Enlightenment. You lot definitively are smart. It has been a privilege hanging out with you guys.

    See where the motivational talks come in?
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    Thing is, you need others to spar with to get past a certain point. Holds true with philosophy and other academics, esoterics as well as martial arts. On your own, you tend to construct your own little version of reality, at odds with everything and not really viable as guidance.

    Everyone needs teachers and others to spar with. Even me.
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    One more ramble. I apologize. The whole Enlightenment experience is definitely worth it. It's the best thing that ever happened in my life. Not only do you become more functional, it comes along with self-actualization qualities. It turns out there actually is something like nirvana. It just gets beautiful man. It just does.

    I know i'm a sucker for this but damn does shit get beautiful. It's the inner peace man, there's just something about it.
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    Little bit more rambling. I'm sorry. I tried to get help in my real world but the people who's job it is to aid people in a difficult moment showed themselves to be not worthy of their income.

    Enlightenment, essentially is like falling in love. Remember how you felt when you fell in love, The whole thing, you just look at the person in a particular way. You're well aware that it's not real, that this person has flaws etc but emotionally, they're pretty much perfect. In that moment at least.

    It's not just very similar, you're brain does the exact same thing. You're learning how to fall in love with life.
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    For me enlightenment is like getting hit by a random object and realizing its quite painful then remembering
    to avoid getting hit by that object next time!

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