Founder question from Firefall

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Shuriko, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Apothetic

    Apothetic New Member

    August 09, 2014. Launch: Digital Deluxe and Launch: Digital Starter (don't know why they're both on there), so no Founder for me :-(
  2. KBC

    KBC Deepscanner

    I Love the fact that even though I was not a "Founder" the team here still acknowledge me for playing throughtout the Firefall Closed Beta into Open Beta. I look forward to this game soooo much.
  3. PIghead Elderberry

    PIghead Elderberry Active Member JUMBO KAIJU SLAYER

    I think they really sincerely want to make up for the way FF got trashed as it got mangled through the Chinese Chipper. I think we'll have all of the fun of FF, but we will have it with a hugely different experience as EM-8ER is clearly focused on the kind of war and terrain claiming that FF was driving for at first, but never go to when it got theme parked and level gated and all that.
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  4. Jag

    Jag Member Kaiju Slayer

    Holy necro post Batman.
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  5. Shuriko

    Shuriko Deepscanner

    Seeing as the ff forums close tomorrow is it safe to say that the links are saved now if we linked the accounts in Feb, so we dont end up with nothing?
  6. 203

    203 Active Member Kahuna M.A.X.

    If you posted your profile link on the old dashboard, you're safe.
  7. Shuriko

    Shuriko Deepscanner

    what dashboard?
  8. 203

    203 Active Member Kahuna M.A.X. < this is your dashboard here, if you "linked" your accounts by posting that on the firefall forums and the program recognized it, you should have had your veteran/backer credit added.
  9. Shuriko

    Shuriko Deepscanner

    I used a program that verified the accounts and so back in Feb, was just abit curious if it still counted.
  10. 203

    203 Active Member Kahuna M.A.X.

    of course. it probably stored your legacy title in a database connected to your forums account.

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