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Kaiju Slayer
Ark Liege
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
The last two years mostly been focusing on micro workouts or prison workouts. Personally, i've added at least as much if not more than with a full workout at the gym. Mostly calisthenics, some free weights.

It's easier to do consistently.

This is really good stuff, have added some micro workouts during television adverts and while taking a break from forums thanks for sharing.

Combining with the usual routine it does make it more managable!

So that made me ponder we Reapers got to be in good shape so here is an idea for the 1st of....

[Reaper micro work outs] Rank 1 - 3 [3 exercises per session] 2 sessions in total can do it 2 or 4 times a week in total.

Make sure to do each exercise with good form and not cheat yourself if you can only do 1 that is ok, you can build it gradually think long term success not short term is much better!

Rank 1 = New (Reps 2-4, Sets 3-4)

Reaper Rank 1

Wall press up or kneeling push up

Reaper Rank 1
Duck walk intimidate rabbits with this, go low but not too low and walk across your room and back
Alternative can do Squats and have the sofa nearby to turn it into sofa squats!

1621336051886.jpeg 1621337677972.png

Reaper Rank 1
Sofa dips (can move feet closer towards you help make it easier or lift 1 leg slightly off the ground to make it a little tougher


Reaper Rank 1 Pull

Door rows / towel rows


Reaper 1
Leg curl or resistance band standing leg curl

1621337397806.jpeg 1621337464780.gif

Reaper 1
bent over rows can use tins, dumbbells or resistance band


What are your suggestions for

Rank 2 = Adventurer (Reps 4-8, Sets 2-6)

Rank 3 = Veteran (Reps 6-12, Sets 2-4)



Ark Liege
May 9, 2017
Nice program.

How about your diet Zeke? I saw plenty of water, but what else? Also supplements?
I take a few things, mainly alpha-yohimbine and a carnitine/tartrate complex. As well as a zinc supplement. I don't dip into annabolics or anything such. Perhaps I will post my diet in a later post but it's tailored for myself so be careful to adapt it for yourself if you decide to follow it.