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Jun 9, 2020
Sometimes I wonder how interested people would be in reading/hearing a more comprehensive breakdown for how these strategies function, what data they are based on and why they are used. As of yet it seems like most people don't really want to know how I get this whole marketing/community building stuff done in my day job, how I've managed to stay relevent in that business for over a decade, what challenges one has to overcome to do it, or even how we have worked to grow em-8ers community over the years.
I'll give you a hint, it's not always as obvious as it seems like it should be.
I think this would be useful, also to talk about the gamedev process and how it differs from traditional development cycles.
It might also be worth going over what's been done so far again. I liked when Grummz pulled up a spreadsheet and went over the builds and the current progress, unfortunately I think there's been a big drop off since a bit after then (a good portion of which probably isn't the teams fault, shit happens).
I think this should go on Medium or elsewhere that can be linked to instead of hidden in a 2-3 hour long chief chat video.
The amount of time the project's taken is not just something that I've seen come up in this thread but also why some people I know have said they're not following the project and expect it to be another Star Citizen.
I have/are following some projects that have gone mostly silent for years before suddenly coming back and saying they nearly have something to release.
My major concern here is that Em-8ER is asking for money, and the success of the project partly depends on keeping the community happy, whether they are correct or not.
When Grummz was talking about bridging packs I was a bit concerned about timing. I don't think it's a good look to come back from community complaint about silence to ask for more money; however, it seems like they will be released a bit after getting back on track.

I remember people being excited for semi-regular builds around the time I joined, and I think a bunch of the concern from the existing community will be alleviated when the project manages to go back to that.

Daily Login Rewards/Tasks would give people something extra to do, and another reason to jump on. Same with weekly and monthly versions of those.
Generally not a fan of daily logins. In my experience it can lead to burnout.

A mentor program, helping players, should be left to the community primarily with the moderators stepping in only when needed.
While I dislike a lot of the FFXIV community, its mentor program is also worth looking at, which Grummz has and is also probably thinking about.
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Jul 25, 2016
Wall I am glad to see you are looking at the posts but also hope you & the team do a little more in the forum.

really all that would be needed IMO is a post regularly at the very least saying "hi" "glad to see you all" "were making progress in many venues & hope to have something for you all to look at real soon.

it really wont take much time on your part but it will go VERY far just knowing things really are going in the right direction

Okay, you got it. I can't spend the majority of my time here as I give priority to Discord, direct DMs, and the dev blog on Medium, but I'll be here once a day and post once a day to a topic.