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    (Worth a shot right?)
    Name: Lucic "Preach" Goodman
    Gender: Male
    Early fortys (estimated).
    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian (Scotch-Irish).
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 160 lbs. (Estimated).
    Hair Color: Shoulder-length deep Red-ish, brown roots.
    Eye Color: Jade-green.
    Distinguishing Features: A few (well concealed) bodily scars, and a brand on his right hand. (Presumably some form of "excon" marking, maybe "special services").
    Short Background/Personality Bio: Sporting a slight European accent, "Preach" was raised on a properly colonized planet (presumably Earth), raised in a very religious family. Religious text in-hand, Lucic can be frequently found reading said book or pondering existential theories with any peer that wants to know more about his philosophy. He frequently mutters prayers under his breath, occasionally going so far as to quote some form of religious material under particular duress. An ex-soldier (chaplain) of moderate experience, Lucic eventually resigned to start a family. A family he doesn't normally speak of, except in fond moments of remembrance. Several years after starting his family, a foreign species infiltrated his homeworld, consequentially taking his wife/children in to captivity. Thus began the wanderer he has become to this day. He's only partly experienced with modern technologies, enough to comprehend conventional machinations, along with some recently acquired nautical skills, He does have a bias against "implanted technologies," as he feels "if God meant me to be programmed, I'd have been made a computer."

    Weaponry (if not standard): He does have some experience with spacecraft weaponry and programming, along with procedural navigation techniques. He's by no means a pacifist, but is not willing to take a life without a (very) good reason, as his moral standards tend to "ask first, then ask again." His foremost "weapon" is "The Good Word," he states as he points to his leather-bound book that he is most-always carrying. The only actual weapon on him is a large combat knife (aka "utility knife") that he usually has mounted on the back of his waist, or strapped to his frontal torso if in rural environments.
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    Name: Mack the Metallic [THMPR MECHANIC]
    Gender: Male
    Age: 50s/Unknown [Ageless]
    Race/Ethnicity: Nomadic/Mongrel
    Height: 6’ 4”
    Weight: 270 lbs.
    Hair Color: None/Disfigured Head
    Eye Color: Red Pupils with a chromium layered Iris to protect his eyes from the elements, his Sclera is ashen snake-skin like with tiny, slightly ridged, black-lined scales.

    Distinguishing Features:
    Mack wears a grungy, tattered black jumpsuit buckled at the waist that exposes his muscular frame. His faded, age-old patches are undistinguishable. There are tears in his jumpsuit revealing alien-like muscle and sinew graphs over a tungsten skeletal frame and titanium hands with observable patches of abnormally colored scaly skin with mottled scar tissue that overtly covers his body. Pinkish florescent blood seen flowing through his veins. His spine protrudes under his semi-transparent skin and is clearly defined, larger than normal. One can distinctly see the Metallic disposition of his being.

    Short Background/Personality Bio:
    Mack was an original colonizer. He also was a mechanical engineer who spearheaded the first development of the Gate. During the testing phase, Mack believed it was his duty to test the Gate. Human trials were forbidden at such an early stage, which hampered progress; however, Mack decided he was going in, as a guinea pig, and knew the risks all too well. In his very first attempt, an unexpected malfunction occurred just as he entered, ripping his body apart. At the same time, a blowback occurred from the other end of the portal, and rumor has it that at the precise moment of the Gate’s malfunction, the Gate reached an area near Em-8ER, which sucked in several Tsi-hu and deposited the mutilated remains next to Mack’s lifeless body. At that point, a strange thing began to happen, the mess who were once Tsi-hu began to attach to Mack’s body, shapeshifting, and repairing his mangled body. It took months for Mack to regain consciousness and no one could explain the phenomena they had witnessed, nor did anyone talk about it. As the transformation occurred, an atmospheric electrical charge was also present, shooting from the obliterated Gate. At the time, no one knew the Tsi-hu existed.

    As time went on, Mack had a full recovery and a complete lack of memory of the incident, although he never returned to the engineering department, he was influential in the design and implementation of the THMPR, which makes him an expert when things go bad in the field and delicate repairs required.

    Weaponry (if not standard):
    If ever the need arises, Mack’s titanium fists are his only weapon. He is fast; the only human known to have autonomous (FTL) Faster than Light technology. He moves in a flash, unseen by the naked eye, striking his enemy with total destruction, feared by all, and for good reason. Take him along with you on a mining mission, if he’s available, and if you’re lucky to get him you will see firsthand his capabilities, both in battle and in the quick and complete repair of your THMPR. However, be forewarned, he will not intercede in battle unless he believes he is truly needed, there is a part of him he keeps secret, unexplainable, something that makes him not the man he was, so don’t rely on him, and most of all, don’t trust him, he just may disappear in a flash.
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    Name: Bau Infinitas Thesaurus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17-20 (He's not too clear on that)
    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 1.76m (5.8feet)
    Weight: 63kg

    Hair Color: Light brown
    Eye Color: Light brown with barely visible green rims around Iris

    Distinguishing Features: Light curls of hair, small scar over right eye, green sections of eyes glow when near a gate, has symbol branded on back side of left hand that perpetually glows green.

    Short Background/Personality Bio: Bau's earliest memories were to wake up in a ship's barracks after it passed through a gate, much to the surprise of the crew, most of which were in the barracks whilst the ship moved through the gate. Back then Bau was already adorned with his armour and weapons, which to his surprise this time, he knew how to use. From then on he was moving from star system to star system, either by stowing away on ships or legally acquiring transport. His only drive is fading sense of incompletion, hence his constant travelling to find his "missing piece". Bau can be often times described as somewhat bipolar, going from overexcited and gregarious to cold and analytical in a matter of seconds, and he is fully aware of his condition. He is as nimble as he is strong, thanks to his suit, but prefers ranged combat as in his normal state he is generally unable to land a fist on able bodied targets. This does not affect his sword-play, which is as random as his unarmed style, as he finds it easier to swing objects at things instead of punch them. However Bau is extremely slow to anger, which is fortunate as his hand-to-hand combat style when angered is filled with unpredictable, lightning-fast, blows to any vulnerable spot on his target. Worse yet is to anger him near a gate, where the effects of the symbol on his hand takes over...

    Weaponry (if not standard):

    BT-00 Armour : The suit's name is probably not BT-00, but since Bau found the lettering on the suit collar he just went with it. The armour is capable of near instantaneously stowing away or deploying it helmet, neither of which state affects the light energy shield that surrounds the suit, that of which can withstand a bullet barrage, but not many hits from any energy weapons. It amplifies Bau's strength and speed, but does little to help his reaction speed. It is capable of cloaking (Only with the helmet on) for periods of time long enough for Bau to stow away on a ship and has hacking capabilities limited to Bau's own computer sense (Which isn't a lot anyway). These are controlled from a panel in the suit's left gauntlet. The suit has two docks on the side of each thigh, made specifically to charge one type of pistol (Strangely enough Bau only has one of those) and a slot in his backpack for his sword. The jumpjets and thrusters in the soles of the suit's boots and the sides of the backpack respectively allow for greater leaps in gravity and flight in zero G. The suit lacks an obvious power core, but remains fully powered all the same for some strange reason. The suits fingers are tipped with energy conduits, allowing Bau to charge and use his weapons at the same time. These conduits also provide the terminals of which to conduct hacking, or simple taze his foes.

    TW-00 "Dihandler" : Again TW-00 is not confirmed to be this pistol's designation, but this time Bau lovingly named it "Dihandler" after the fact that the pistol has two handles (Where only one will be active in its deployed state). The pistol is compact in its storage state, being no larger than 16 cm long, 7 cm wide and 4 cm thick. By pulling back the butt of the pistol, which pulls two plates along with it, the two handles are exposed. By pulling on one of the handles, the plate corresponding to the opposite handle will slide back hiding the unused handle, then the barrel of the Dihandler will extend and thus the weapon is ready for use. It fires single bursts of a beam of unidentifiable energy (Although this may just be due to the machine used to detect the type of beam fire malfunctioning at the time) and enters a cooldown state for twelve seconds after eighteen shots. The TW-00 Dihandler is Bau's favourite and primary weapon.

    TMW-00 "Swordy McSwordface" : Like the armour and the pistol, TMW-00 is not confirmed to be the swords name, hence the lovely nickname Bau has given it. Like its pistol counterpart, it has a compact storage state and a deployed state. When activated, the main shaft of the sword will extend out, then deploy an energy blade ( same energy as the pistol). Despite the blade being made out of energy, its cutting ability is limited to the sharpness of the energy blade, which fortunately is extremely sharp indeed. This means it is unable to use purely thermal energy to cut through objects like energy blades found in entertainment media. Bau uses Swordy only when he is sure that he would be given no rest in combat to allow the Dihandler to cool off.

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