Ember RP Character Sheets (Official)

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Jul 27, 2016
This is the Character Sheet Thread for the main Ember RP.
Please post your character sheets here. Use the standard sheet layout as seen used on the rest of the sheets, feel free to add more, but please have no less than the following:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Distinguishing Features:
Short Background/Personality Bio:
Weaponry (if not standard):

All Player Characters must be Original. Crixa/Ember characters are used only as NPCs to instigate and progress story by GM's.

This thread will periodically be cleaned up. Random chatter will be removed entirely (perma-delete) and inactive players/characters will be hidden from view. If you come back after a long time of not being around and find your character sheet missing, PM me and I'll un-hide your sheet!


Please be advised that any chatter that is not SPECIFICALLY related to fixing character descriptions will be removed from public view. PROFILES, PICTURES, and UPDATES only please! ALL discussion should be had in the OOC thread. You have been warned!

-Your friendly neighborhood Domo.
Jul 27, 2016
Name: 'Morgan'
Gender: Female
Age: Anywhere from her mid-twenties to early thirties
Race/Ethnicity: Mutt
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 152 lbs
Hair Color: Ash Blonde
Eye Color: Unnaturally deep blue
Distinguishing Features: Full lips, hooded eyes and long, silky hair, an attractive appearance marred by the multitude of scars that coat the right side of her body, her right arm in particular a gross mess of semi-healed skin and scar tissue. A single scar runs from the base of her right cheek to the inner corner of her right eye. Barely distinguishable is a tattoo that once read 'O Hominum' that crossed both shoulder blades, but has since been bisected by the scars.
Short Background/Personality Bio: A prideful, domineering woman with a history of violence, Morgan(An obvious alias) is a bounty hunter and specialist in vigilante justice. She makes no distinction between work and personal life, and lives for her job, which currently consists of hunting down the AI known as SHADE. Giving reasons for such an act, of course, is beneath her.

Surprisingly fussy about her appearance and is uncomfortable unless there's a weapon within arm's reach, and distrusts AI and heavy electronic systems. She'd wear a tinfoil hat but she suspects that it would just make the electronic ghosts more attracted to her.

Weaponry (if not standard): Electronically minimalist weapons such as conventional rifles and sidearms make up the bulk of her arsenal, preferring mechanical complexity to the ease of electronics. The sole exception to this rule is the long stick of metal she calls a 'club' that's been plugged with so many conductive coils that activating it usually short-circuits anything it's in contact with, including itself. Can't beat an AI without it, she says.
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Jul 27, 2016
Somewhere on Earth
Name: Carson "The Wyvern" Kleiss
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/Native American
Height: 6'1" | 73 Inches | ~1.8 Meters
Weight: 153 Lbs.
Hair Color: A wild mix of browns and auburn.
Eye Color: Hazel
Distinguishing features: A series of scars and burns along his wrists and forearms.

Bio: In the dawn of what's known as the 'Dig Era,' all kinds of hopefuls are gearing up towards what they hope is the next big score. Nobody feels more confident going forward than Carson Kleiss; a rather sturdy man, eyes signifying some experience behind him when happened upon at first glance. Some looking to see more from him tend to find something deeper in the eyes and motions of the otherwise tame and disarmingly-friendly individual; others find a bullet to the head. He exhumes the presence of someone with a degree of experience; the look of a hired man, solid as a boulder and probably could hold his own in a war of fists.

  • Kinetic Magnum: Acting differently from the designs of the archaic ages of western vigilantism, this model type, loosely based on the Udar, uses a different version of the standard energy weaponry you'll typically find; the ammo reacts to kinetic force, meaning both taken in by velocity fired out, and in the chamber itself. In short: the longer it goes, the larger it gets, and the harder it hits. Can fire in the traditional single-shot mode, and in a shorter-range burst of energy, much akin to a shotgun blast.
  • Portable Shield-Comm: A combined module set worn on the belt and wrists, it's designed to mitigate kinetic impact - roughly a total of 80,000 foot-pounds per minute, enough to stop a couple sniper bullets - and absorb a portion of it, storing it within Kleiss' Magnum. This energy slowly depletes after a period of time, prompting the user to immediately use the stored energy in an attack. Naturally, the shield can only take so much; if the capacitors take too many hits, they'll short-circuit until they can properly repair themselves.
  • Lightweight Combat Suit: Taking cues from high-durability designs from large-scale armor manufacturers, Kleiss' combat gear is a watered-down variation inspired by a mix of them. It provides limited protection against physical and energy weaponry, as well as considerably high maneuverability. A low-power jet system mounted to the back of the suit provides merely an aid to climbing and clearing long-distance jumps; said jets are significantly smaller and weaker than standard models, so Carson isn't going to be soaring gracefully through the air. He's given it his own tweaks here and there; prominently, one being a muddy, green bandana cocked to the side of his shield belt.
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Jul 27, 2016
Name: Shade
Gender: Technically not applicable, but speaks in a synthetic male voice
Age: He is unaware of when his first activation was, but it has been mere weeks since he was restarted again.
Race/Ethnicity: Artificial intelligence.
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: N/A
Distinguishing Features: Preferred holographic avatar is a semi-transparent regular dodecahedron made of white light, although it can fluctuate based on internal and outside interference, either growing more sides or shifting in the color spectrum. Exceptionally powerful for the small chip that his AI core is based in, and seems to fluctuate in emotional complexity from a constant, slightly distracted observer to an animated and curious extrovert based on how much technology he can spread his power over.
Short Background/Personality Bio: A mystery even to himself, Shade, or 'SHADE' as the Bounty Hunter Morgan called it, is an amnesiac AI who doesn't quite know where he came from, or what his purpose was, or even what his real name could have been. Regardless of the obviously man-made sabotage of his abilities, Shade doesn't seem to mind the missing information and is content to generate more.

He's compatible with nearly any system known to man, and can be utilized as anything from a simple suit AI to commanding one of the vast ships that grace the cosmos, although his powers fluctuate with his personality and what he can access.
Weaponry (if not standard): N/A, unless his proficient abilities in the field of electronic warfare are to be counted as weapons.
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Jul 27, 2016
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Name: Duke Wilson
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair Color: Black/ Dark brown
Eye Color: Darker Brown color (in the right lighting almost black)
Appearance: A larger and more toned pilot, though he gives more of the smuggler, gunslinger sort of look, then again all things considered he makes his living this way and fits the part. Clad in upper torso armor with ammo around his waist and an oversized duster over all of this he does look somewhat like he came from an old western but his hotshot temperament gives it away that he's not the sort. Gear satchels along his belt and bandolier across his back he certainly looks prepared for whatever sort of gunfight he may get into.

Distinguishing Features:
Scarring along the left side of the face somewhere between a burn and a cut of some kind though nothing that inherently impedes his vision. Well built, Always wearing his duster despite how stupid it makes him look at least from what others tell him. A short Crew cut that gives of a post military vibe but there really is no way to confirm that from the man in question.

- HPS-13X Armor: The standard in plated/fabric armor, by no means is it special but it provides the optimal in protection while not sacrificing for mobility in the slightest. However Duke never wears the helmet unless he REALLY has to says the electronics screw with his aiming which he would be dead right about. Allowing for lots of modular additions as needed but even standard (which his is not) it's a highly functional and useful armor.
Mods: Its modified with high output low weight jump jets along the legs and back allowing for more sustained jumps as well as a built in glide pack for the true Pilot in duke.

- Standard Issue vibro knife

- Nav tools and data pad, ya know, usual crap.

-Wrist mounted Tether/ Grapple system for when his jump jets decide to die out on him...or get him real real close with someone real real fast.

Short Background/Personality Bio: Many would describe the man as reckless to a fault, brash yet surprisingly well tempered despite the fact. He's a great pilot and a crack shot, decently intelligent and is known mostly as a gun for hire and occasionally as a smuggler though he'd call it a "Just less than legal delivery boy." For the right amount of coin there isn't much he wouldn't do. Though he's got a rather grey sense of justice he also doesn't like seeing people pointlessly attacked or unnecessary disputes.

More than anything he has a bit of a reputation as a charismatic individual who often tries to talk his way out of a spot as opposed to shooting but don't let this fool you, he's very capable and not beyond act's of violence or intimidation to see his goals or jobs accomplished.

Weaponry (if not standard):

ZUS-50 Heavy Pulse Pistol: A big gun for a person who wants to put very large holes in whatever it's pointed at. Modified with a hair pin trigger this fires large 50-AE rounds at semi automatic rates, designed for stopping power. That said The front counter weight and modified recoil system allow for a skilled shooter to fire this weapon quickly with minimal recoil and almost no damage to the wrist of the shooter. Handle changed for a quick draw and a flashlight added it's a very handy tool for any gunslinger. Average Six rounds per magazine.

MoD-40 Carbine: Yet another modified weapon of Duke's choosing, a helpful and handy DMR that allows him to engage targets at a MUCH further range than his pistol would allow. The usual attachments and slings, Takes a 10 round magazine and is Semi Automatic. Modified Electronic Scope to allow for the MAXIMUM range of the rifle to be rightfully used as well as range finding instruments, however due to failures with this in the past He has a canted scope on the side as well just in case.

Ship: The Spectre

Originally designed as a high altitude skiff meant for transporting things across planet Caine with his own engineering as well as the mechanical assistance of many engineers has turned this thing into an interplanetary one of a kind ship. High speed, High Maneuverability, without entirely sacrificing its utility it's built as a gunship but can fulfill many more roles than this. Capable of In atmosphere and out of atmosphere maneuvering it's role can be from Cargo transport to outright ground assault platform depending on the load out.

Armed with Two Forward mounted High energy laser cannons as well as a cadre of Space capable cruise missiles it's forward offensive capabilities can be tweaked with detachable pods and rocket batteries to beef up it's arsenal. However It's mainstay are two twin Rapid Ion cannon Turrets that can be manned or operated remotely. One on top of the ship and one in the center belly allowing for maximum coverage. With all sorts of configurations to the internals to the ship it's got a small bay for sleeping with most of the room being changed to suit Duke's needs. Certainly not the most comfortable ship rest in but it is capable of being a home.
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Jul 27, 2016
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Name: Zeotetra
Gender: Male
Age: 30s
Race/Ethnicity: Cyborg/Asian
Height: 5ft 6
Weight: 60kg
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: hazel
Distinguishing Features: Birthmark sternum region
Short Background/Personality Bio: Synopsis

[subject: Zeotetra ]
Year: 4051 Month: March Time: 2.16am
Woke up in a transporter with no recollection
lifeless bodies laying around, decided to escape from the facility.
Found a way out going through the air ducts, finally out on the other side.

Reaper have spot me i can't go back must head towards the scrap yard.
My arms and legs seriously damaged by the crushers... i am losing consciousness.

Year: 4053 Month: August Time: 8am

I am in a underground facility greeted by an Android Maxis
Maxis shows me the realization that i am not the same tweaking and adjusting
my cybernetic augmented limbs and attachment points.

My training is under way i now have vowed to help Mirage Faction
reclaim kidnapped and lost members & to find out my past in the process!
A small wooden pendant with my name etched was found, maxis scans it
compiling results.... Origin from Tibet a Buddhist pendant of protection.
Perhaps this is my first clue to finding out my past hmm

Weaponry (if not standard):

[Mirage MkII Camouflage System] primary use for reconnaissance/infiltration to even shadow
as support in more dangerous territories workers or unit could go to. Up-gradable for longer
use however caution is advised long use could cause irregular flux in pigmentation/layers which
could give away your location.

[Solar Hyperdrive] used for rapid movement routing concentrated energy that bursts
out into the cybernetic limbs to jump/run and dodge faster & stronger for a certain
time until recharged. Recharge by the sun, kinetic shock, electrical surge, and standing still.

[Sleepers] a palm device that shoots nanobots to shut down A.I's or humans temporarily
as oppose to assassinate this is the main weapon of choice! Can be made by farming materials
or purchased various nanobots can be equipped for specific targets you encounter!

No shields due to the weight restrain, however it does provide sufficient armor bonus when using Mirage
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Jul 27, 2016
Name: Todd Alexander
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167lb
Hair Color: Dark, turning to grey. It is medium length and not particularly tidy. A day without it being covered in mud or worse is considered to be going well.
Eye Color: Green
Distinguishing Features: The most obvious is his prosthetic left arm, joining at his shoulder with a series of overlapping ballistic carbon plates. Other scars include a series of burn scars across his left shoulder blade that predate the loss of his arm and a fairly recent bullet wound on his right thigh.
Short Background/Personality Bio: Todd is a smuggler and a mercenary. Well, less of a smuggler and more of an arms merchant and deal broker. He makes sure that the people that can pay get their hands on whatever they need.

His other side, opposite his 'Merchant of War' is that of an agent of mercy. A man with the means to get a crate of weapons into a war zone can just as easily make it a crate of food or medical supplies. The arms dealing isn't to fund his more humanitarian exploits, family connections and his own personal wealth are plenty for that purpose. The mix does serve to create professional contacts and to keep things always interesting.

His family is in fact a large arms and ammunition manufacturer which makes some of his exploits easier than expected (although this is a fact that he keeps to himself). The fact that these wares are clean of any production stamps or serial numbers make them all the more desirable and more effective at keeping his identity under the radar.

Weaponry (if not standard): Todd's personal weapons consist of blades in his artificial arm and a caseless semi automatic shotgun with integral silencer.

The ship spares little expense of course, but at its heart it is still a freighter and is neither the fastest nor most well defended craft. It is very stealthy and detectable only through the use of very high grade gear. The best way to be successful is to not draw attention.
Jul 27, 2016
Name: Emily "Bradley" Bradshaw
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 115 lb
Hair Color: Platinum
Eye Color: Brown

Although miniscule in comparison to most of the hardy folk that choose a frontier life, Brady possesses a wiry strength. The most surefire way to pick her out of a crowd is her striking naturally-platinum color hair, a rarity even in this era. She is covered in grease and grime, and is often quoted to take showers "every other once-in-a-while."
A backwater planet, and a backwards man. Brandon Bradshaw was known as one of the best mechanics this side of the galaxy, and yet he never seemed to have enough credits to leave planetside, nevermind his extremely eccentric personality... regardless, he managed to find a suitable mate among the frontierswomen that collected in the Burrow. Her name was Melanie. She was a kindly woman, if quiet. They both hoped for a son who could follow in his father's footsteps, and bolster their workshop's income, so that they could all ship off-planet and towards a brighter future.

Sadly, though, all they were ever given was a daughter, despite their many attempts otherwise. They named her Emily, although everyone in the Burrow always called her Bradley. The nickname was almost a slap in the face. She knew her parents had wanted a son, not the whimsical, errant-minded, kind-hearted girl she was.

Emily was desperate for her parents' affection and appreciation. So, in pursuit of such, she invested herself heavily in her father's trade: maintenance and development of mechanical devices both mundane and miraculous. Bradley found herself intrigued by it, and continued her exploration of the craft, despite her realization that father would never accept and truly acknowledge her.

Bradley is now the resident and foremost mechanic in the Burrow following her parents' mysterious disappearance, maintaining the town's primary utilities and offering her services as a freelance mechanic to the town and its residents.

Update 7-30-16
'Miss' Bradshaw runs Shawshank Mechanics, the local repair shop and mechanical supply store. If it's got moving parts, you can find it there: automotive parts, chemical solvents, (experimental) weapons, vehicles, and more. Her current tech stock includes all the usual kit: communications suites, both handheld and stationary, sensor equipment, basic weapons, and other such useful items. And if anything is broken, you can be damn sure that she can fix it. At a price, of course.
EB-843 "Huntsman" Gauss rifle: A 5-round stripper clip-fed, bolt-action, battery-powered coilgun of Bradley's own design that utilizes electromagnets in the configuration of a linear motor to accelerate solid slugs. It can accelerate its tungsten carbide rounds to different speeds, depending on necessity: at subsonic speed, the rifle is nearly silent except for the bolt-action mechanism itself, and is useful for hunting or stealth applications. At supersonic speeds, the rifle can accelerate its rounds to armor-piercing capabilties, although this makes the rounds far louder. Its battery can be swapped out when necessary, and firing it at faster speeds depletes the battery much more quickly, as well as wears out the electromagnetic coils inside the receiver.

SOLIS Mark V "Sunhawk" Handgun: A more conventional firearm, the Mark V pistol is a beast that fires .50 caliber rounds from a 10-round magazine. Designed for self-defense use by Planet Reapers, the Frontiersman is more than capable of deterring even the larger sorts of fauna one might find on a alien planet.

EB-TV Mk II "Lumberjack" Machete: A simple titanium-vanadium alloy machete with a pressure treated wood handle, this machete is Emily's backwoods workhorse.

BR-429 "Woodsman" Hoverbike: A hoverbike designed by Brandon Bradshaw, the BR-429 is a common sight in the Burrow. Although suitable for use in more exploratory and dangerous situations, the Branlen is often used by townsfolk as a commute vehicle and for daily use around the Burrow and surrounding areas. It comes standard with a cold fusion nuclear reactor and an engine that puts out a maximum speed of 300 kph (186 mph), as well as storage space behind the rider's seat, room for two occupants, and an optional harness for both pilot and passenger.

Update 8-3-16
SOLIS Mark VII "Ironhide" Field Engineer's Armor: A high-quality element of Bradley's armory, the "Ironhide" armor is built specifically with combat engineers in mind. Also designed and manufactured by the well-renowned technology company SOLIS, Bradley acquired this from its previous owner after he forgot to wear it on a thumping expedition, and subsequently met an expected fate.

Its bodyglove, temperature-regulated and heat-resistant, is comprised of high-strength aramid fibers that provide reasonable protection primarily against piercing damage such as small arms fire. Its plates, built from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, provide much better resistance against both ranged and melee trauma. Its helmet is equipped with a full heads-up display suite, with scanning, communications, and computational capabilities.

The field engineer's suit also has many pockets for storing additional ammunition and miscellaneous items, as well as various straps that afford a good level of external customization. Its left gauntlet comes equipped with high-level diagnostics software and scanning equipment, as well as a limited flash-forge capability: given the requisite raw materials, it can create mechanical tools and components in the field, given that they are not excessively complicated.
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Jul 27, 2016
Name: Gawd
Gender: N/A
Age: Very, VERY old (even I forgot my birthday).
Race/Ethnicity: Godlike
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: Ever-changing (depends on how i feel).
Eye Color: Ever-changing (depends on how i feel).
Distinguishing Features: Soooooooooo handsome.
Short Background/Personality Bio: N/A
Weaponry (if not standard):
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Jul 27, 2016
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Name: Kavadas Vaeros-Deszeld

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/Synthetic

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Brown

Distinguishing Features: Both legs and left arm are artificial prosthesis, and he has several versions he switches between using with the legs, from low-tech 'blades' for exercise, running, and comfort, a set of normal prosthetics for more formal occasions, and a 'deployment' set that comes with a full servo-motor suite and is actually ballistically protected, though not heavily. The left arm is always a similar model, as he can't remove it.

Short Background/Personality Bio: Kavadas made a name for himself with the Earth Defense Force military, being trained as a vehicle crewman, and learning to pilot several standard ground-craft, and had limited exposure to atmospheric aircraft. Unfortunately, his time was cut short in the military by a nasty accident during a deployment workup, in which the transport truck he was in experienced catastrophic engine failure, and as a result, led to a severe crash that cost six soldier's lives, and Kavadas lost both legs and his left arm. His discharge has weighed heavily on him ever since, especially the six soldiers who lost their lives in the crash.

However, he's since found work with a minor surveying company, and they have sent him in as vehicle support alongside their survey and expedition crews, as his driving skill combined with his extensive mechanical know-how means that even when the going gets rough, they can count on his vehicle still running.

Weaponry (if not standard): Kavadas carries a semi-standard issue EDF M.A.G.-6 pistol, though in carbine configuration. The M.A.G.-6 fires a specialized, and oddly named .458 'Devastator' round, at high velocities for a handgun cartridge. The magnum-grade ammunition works wonders against soft targets, and is semi-effective against light body armor. Against heavy armor, the kinetic force is designed more to 'stun' than penetrate the armor, though this is of questionable utility.

The 'carbine' variant has a detachable stock that when removed, doubles as the holster, and an elongated 12 inch barrel, along with a canted foregrip. It is also, unusually, fed from an internal 25-round magazine, that can either be reloaded individually or with 10-round stripper clips. It fires exclusively in semi-auto.
Name: 'Larulir' Nolte
Gender: Female
Age: 17-18
Race/Ethnicity: Mutt (Central European/German, Australian)
Height: 6'16" (1,88m)
Weight: 50-65kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Orange
Very well build due to the high gravity of her home planet. Several small and medium scars at the hands and arms from working accidents, medium and big scars at the legs and back from unknown cause. Wears always a combat armor. Often wears a helmet and a webgear.
Larulir is a young and smart girl from the planet known as "BR-U15-K" in an unknown sector. Her mother is a top Biologist specialised on accelerating healing processes. Her father is an assassins and mercenary, first name is unknown. The only family member that goes still by her real name is her mother (Dr. Samanther Nolte). Larulir disappeared once in the age of 12 and came 2 months later back with scars on the back and the legs, she was slightly traumatised for some months. In the age of 14 she began to study biology and was the smartest and youngest students her mother ever had. With 15 years she began to helped her brother designing weapons. Result of that was the UZ2 series. She is also an excellent and experienced paramedic due to her time at the universities "Aleph" emergency team.
UZ2 AR mod.0: A selective fire bullpop Assault rifle based on the UZ1 Carbine and designed by Nunaden Nolte and produced by Isteg MMP (Military Material Production) LLC.
Mods: angled grip, AHS5-4M1 hybrid sight (holosight with removable 4x zoom magnifier) on picatinny rails, muzzle break
Ammunition: 6.5 Grendel
Compatible magazines: IStanIss 2651 (30-rounds box magazine), IStanIss 2652 (55-rounds casket magazine), IStanIss 2653 (90-rounds drum magazine)
Properties: High accuracy, high recoil, medium rate of fire (660 rounds/minute), medium weight, Range up to 600 meter

A selective fire lightweight SMG based on the UZ2 Assault rifle, designed by Nunaden Nolte.
Mods: compact collimator on picatinny rail, flashhider
Ammunition: 6x41mm Corpser
Compatible magazines: IStanIss 2641 (25 rounds), IStanIss 2642 (40 rounds)
Properties: Medium accuracy, medium recoil, high rate of fire (900 rounds/minute), low weight, Range up to 100 meter

Lik CTS:
The Lik CTS (Compact Tesla Sword) is an electrical compact sword produced by Lik arms LLC. It is able to be used with "normal" current and "deadly" current.
Normal Current: 50 Kilovolts at 15 Watts; 0.0003 Amps (changeable)
Deadly Current: 75 Volts at 15 Watts; 0.2 Amps
Battery: Osmium High capacity rechargeable battery.

Com/Ba-M Armor:
A unique Combat armor featuring a medical support for the user and the people around him/her and uses an light exosceleton to increase the strength of the user. The Com/Ba-M armor is mainly developed by Larulirs mother and father. The protection was designed for even the most extreme combat situations. The medical support system is mainly designed by Dr. Samantha Nolte, she also designed the exosceleton of the armor. It's internal environmental suit is also able to protect the wearer from low temperatures, light shocks and impacts. Produced by Isteg MMP LLC.

Rosig Type A1-2 class 2 Tactical Helmet: A Class 2 tactical helmet, its quite light for a class 2 helmet and possesses an accessory plate (night vision, thermal vision) on the front and two accessory rails (flashlight, additional comm, other kind of sensors) on each side. A Head-up Display is also installed for visual representation of information over a wireless link to any kind of holopad. Produced by Isteg MMP LLC.
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Jul 27, 2016
Name: Sanders Hansue
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Race/Ethnicity: Highly mixed, although majority bloodlines can be traced back to Mesoamerica and Eastern Europe.
Height: 6'2" (1.9 meters)
Weight: 201lbs (91 kilograms)
Hair: Above-shoulder tawny black-brown worn in a greasy and ill-kempt shag.
Eye Color: A dull black, with scattered threads of turquoise.
Distinguishing Features: A slight scholar's stoop and wiry, muscled build with almost no body fat. In addition, a network of scars casually winds its way across his body from a lifetime of close calls and harrowing experiences. Although invisible to the naked eye, Sanders has also saved up for extensive bionic modifications to his spine and legs; layers of carbon and ceramic surrounding the bones make them almost impossible to break in an accident, self-sustaining colonies of respirocytes allow him to run or sprint for much longer than an unaugmented human, and braids of artificial muscle allow him to run faster and kick much harder than before.
Short Background: Sanders grew up on Daichport; a planet barely habitable by humans, too poor to attract corporate attention, yet not inimical enough to prevent settlers in its past. Those that survived have turned into insular, hardy nomads eking a living off the land while supplementing their poor natural resources and near non-existent interplanetary trade with piracy.
Leaving the cold and treacherous surface of Daichport as soon as possible, Sanders tried his hand as a Marauder, Daichport's brutal marines who are tasked with taking a ship as prey, despite the odds. Finding the lifestyle of idle boredom interrupted briefly by unflinching close-quarter violence unsuited to his tastes, Sanders stayed only long enough to save up enough for a spartan multi-purpose freighter, and took off into the void.
Since then, Sanders has drifted through space as a hand-for-hire with no goal in mind, invariably ending up as mercenary, hitman, saboteur, bounty hunter, or otherwise general problem solver.
Personality: Naturally reserved, like the majority of Daichport's barbarous population, Sanders's nigh constant exposure to human misery and all forms of violence has made him pragmatic to the point of psychopathy, willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish whatever his current goals are.
Too hollow even to be hateful at the world for the wide horrors he's experienced, the only time Sanders exhibits anything other than a sardonic sullenness is when doing something illegal, spilling blood, blowing things up, or some catastrophic combination of the above.
Equipment: Sanders is a veritable walking armory, with enough weapons on-hand at any one time to fuel a small bush war; most commonly his pair of Dragonmaws, a needle pistol, a large survival kukri, a plethora of explosives, a non-reactive dagger stuck down one boot, a non-reactive derringer stuck down the other, and a last ditch incendiary grenade hidden somewhere no one would dare to look.
In addition, Sanders has carried a page from Daichport's Big Book of Piracy since leaving the system, and sews thin plates of ballistic ceramic under his clothes. Although they provide a sore excuse for a true suit of armor, they're completely undetectable to a cursory examination, and have saved Sanders's life more than once against small arms fire or errant shrapnel.

Dragonmaws: Sanders's prized possessions are a pair of custom firearms taking the appearance of small, misshapen rifles. A large muzzle brake is present on both, and each have large, hefty forearm braces that look like shortened stocks at first glance. Despite firing a full-sized anti-materiel cartridge from an integral magazine, the guns' design, including a large spring/gas recoil dampener, allows for them to be fired one-handed, if only just.

Needle pistol: A favored weapon of smugglers and assassins, a needle gun uses magnetic coils to accelerate a heavy, ferrous flechette at just below the speed of sound. Although its armor penetration capabilities are lackluster, and its effective engagement range is limited, its noiseless discharge makes it a prime weapon for any situation requiring stealth or subtlety.

Grand Tiber: A small and spare freight hauler, The Grand Tiber was a prize ship captured by the pirates of Daichport and set to be modified into a dedicated boarding craft before Sanders spent his wages earned during his tenure as a Marauder to purchase it for himself. It comes with a turreted laser, but is otherwise unarmed, intended to have to fight off no more than small strike craft without assistance. The Grand Tiber is also unintended to land on planets with Terra-normal gravity or greater, and is thus equipped with a powerful if unmaneuverable skiff capable of ferrying people and cargo from the Grand Tiber to the surface.
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Jul 28, 2016
Name: Zion "Ashmaker" Char
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 198lb (90kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Distinguishing Features: Scar of the left cheek, both hand is riddled with burning scars, and muscular due to his blacksmithing activities.

Short Background: Born on an active volcanic planet. His parents are blacksmiths and tend travel around the galaxy trying to find a perfect material that can never get broken or dulled. After years of searching they finally settled on the volcanic planet called Myris. The planet itself held many valuable and rare materials but only a few people manage to get their hands on it as the planet itself is unstable. The population on that planet is barely reaching thousands as the whole planet itself is a living volcano but some parts of the planet doesn't get affected by harsh earthquake or volcanic eruptions. The colonist receive their food supplies by trading their crafts. Most of the citizen there are blacksmith and to them heat is not a problem. After 3 years settled in that planet Zion finally born.

Personality Bio: Like any child Zion was quite energetic and interest in smithing in his early age due to his parents. Reaching his teenage years Zion perfected the art of smithing and his father called him a "prodigy". Zion was a legend in smithing but he never really gave everything to it. It was more like a hobby because he wants to travel the galaxy and learn more than live in this ash ridden planet. Reaching in his 20's he decided to tell his parents what's his goal are and they receive it unexpectedly well. Given a green light he started to create all the necessary things to start his own story in his life. He started out to create his own arsenal due to his skills. Zion never like small weaponary, he always like to go big and go loud. His crazed for weaponary started when he saw one of the trading ships comes and the guards that following the traders are using High-Energy Weapons and equipped to the teeth with heavy armors. At age 22, he said farewell to his parents and joined a group of mercenary to hone his skills as a heavy support.


High-Energy Particle Beam. This bad boy can cut through 10 feet thick wall like its made of paper, the downside of this is it need to cooldown after each shot and how big and heavy it is. The energy pack it's using also a burden to the user due to it's weight and size. The weapon and the energy pack is one set so you can't fire it unless the gun and the pack connected. It can only fire 4 shots consecutively before the pack is overheat which will increase the cooling time drastically longer. If Zion decided to equip this gun in battle he can't carry anything else so this weapon is very situational. Taken from an illegal weapon trafficking warehouse during a mission. Later on, was given to Zion as a gift for doing an exemplary job. Zion only uses if the captain ask him to because the last time he "test fire" this thing it burned through ship loading bay and 30 ft deep to the ground.

Laser Minigun. Like the name states it's basically a minigun that shoot lasers instead of bullets. It's heavy, loud as all hell when fired and you couldn't even ignore it if it's firing at night. The standard RPM was around 7000 but since this gun was created by him he tweaked the original design and it boosted up to 10000. It also consume energy faster than normal so Zion mostly used this as a supporting fire instead of his main weapon.

Heavy Machine Gun. This gun was custom made by Zion, the idea behind this gun was taken from a game. It firing 1.00 caliber bullet at the speed of a normal machine gun. The bullets itself is made by his own hand, each bullet have a rocket propellant to boost the travel speed, a special type of alloy tip to have maximum penetration power, and an explosive charge that will explode as the bullets penetrate the enemies armor. This is Zion main weaponry as this was the first gun he ever created. This gun also make him hard to pass through security checks as its only one of its kind.

Full Plated Heavy Body Armor. This was a gift from his parents before he was set off the planet. The armor itself can withstand high or low temperatures at ease due to it's created by a rare material called Myrandinium that only exist in Myris. Myrandinium can only be found deep within the planet as it is compressed by the constant gravitational shifts and hot temperatures. The armor can withheld energy weapons and it can absorb multitude of impacts so the user will not feel a thing unless it's a High-Energy weapon that's dedicated to pierce heavy armed foes. It covers Zion body from head to toe, the downside to this is that Zion movement speed will reduced a lot as he'll be a living tank. The helmet part of the armor can be retracted with the user commands. The entirety of the armor have all the basic thing a soldier requires, a radar, gps, oxygen supply, thermal vision, targeting reticules, range finders, temperature regulator, life sign monitor, most of the things a soldier require to do solo mission or group mission.
The armor have 2 modes, the default mode where it's function normally. The 2nd mode which we call it "Overdrive". Basically this allow the user to do basically superhuman feats, jump higher, hit stronger, move faster, higher reflexes. The downside is that the duration of it depends on the user itself and the effects after it's done. For now Zion can only manage to get to 4 minutes of this mode before passing out for a day. To further explain this mode, the armor sent nanobots to the user and force the body to hyperactive. Increasing the brain activity, increasing the heart pump, increasing the blood flow, everything by 100%. Zion barely uses this mode at all as the after effects not only make him passes out a day but after he woke up he needs 3-4 days to relearn his basic motor skills.
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Name: Elleanna Corvik aka Red
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Race/Ethnicity: British (North East English)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 134lb (61kg)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Dark brown

Distinguishing Features: Often has her vibrant red hair styled into something extravagant, freckled face, tattooed left arm and an Entonita 5 sigil on her right, a few scars on her arms and body from business deals gone bad

Short Background/Personality Bio: Elleanna grew up on the planet Entonita 5. She had always dreamt big of being a multimillionaire business woman, of owning intergalactic franchises and living out on some far away luxury planet. She attended business school and her drive pushed her to succeed with great promise. She left school with heaps of confidence but one thing she thought she could escape from by entering the world of business came to haunt her the most. Class mattered, something she had always struggled with. Being a working-class daughter of a ship engineer and a disabled mother from an industrial planet, something she could not change, stripped her of any meaningful opportunities, or at least any lawful ones. That one day came, that pivotal moment where Elleanna had decided she'd had enough and turned to illegal arms dealing. She traveled the galaxy with various companions obtaining and selling illegal arms, she was in her element. Excitement, adventure and most of all business opportunities lay around every bend. When she heard of the opening of The Burrow to the public she knew the demographic of travelers that would be arriving there and she knew they'd need guns...lots of guns.

Weaponry (if not standard): Although pretty experienced in every standard/common and some rarer weapon types Elleanna sticks to pistols when she can:

Glock 18c: She's kept this old school beauty in top shape. A fully automatic machine pistol equipped with a drum magazine, reflex optical sight, under-slung green laser and silencer (situational of course). She's maintained the original standard issue colour scheme of military green and black and has etched "RED's" on the side. Just to signify its hers.

Various assortment of her favored pistols:
HBR v2 (Long-barreled laser revolver)
Limited Edition '1822 Style' SarClass Enrg P12 (SarClass energy pistol stylised into a 1800s flintlock blunderbuss)
Two Gorgon Systems MSP 40s (fully automatic snub pistols)
Kracken (intricate plasma revolver with spiraling tendril design along barrel, gifted to her by a former gunsmith companion)

T8 Derry & Pratchett Tactical Short Sword: She did bad, bad things to obtain this. The T8 D&P short sword is a rare melee weapon from the Derry and Pratchett brothers featuring a black carbon/titanium composite blade. The hilt is fitted with a small torch to provide lighting and the blade is mountable on weapons for use as a bayonet. At the base of the ergonomic handle is a small built-in communications device.

Ship: One of few things she acquired legally.

Moon Fire: Named for its spherical shape (Moon) and extending wings that accommodate the ships weaponry (Fire). Moon Fire is a small, single person, light fighter/cargo ship. The cargo bay is in the bottom half of the ship's main body which is equipped with extra hull armour in case the shields give way. In terms of weapons the ship is equipped with two automatic laser cannons with targeting systems and an extended ion cannon attached to a pivot for heavy single fire shots that can interrupt shields and shutdown electrical systems. Good for halting perusing space cops. A hyper drive is fitted for traveling between solar systems.

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Jul 26, 2016
Name: Renalin "Lucy" Siero

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Race/Ethnicity: Human, Dutch(The Netherlands)

Height: 1.63Meters

Weight: 54 KG

Hair Color: Golden Blonde.

Eye Color: Right eye grey, left eye blue.

Distinguishing Features: The difference of colour in her eyes, hair a little past her shoulders- usually in pigtails. Her figure being rather average, though a little smaller.

Short Background/Personality Bio:
Born into a family known for their company creating unique versions of standardized weapons, armour and other gear. However disowned because of her eyes, which was considered a sign of the devil. Living out on the street where the rule of the strongest applied she had become quite untrusting of others. One could argue she’s psychotic.
Once she got her hands on lightweight armour, which only covered vital places which left her skin quite uncovered and her weaponry. All stolen from their own family’s company, she began fighting for herself. She became known as Lucy.

Weaponry/Equipment: Dual Fusion Revolvers: The standard version of the Fusion Cannon, tuned into strong lightweight revolvers.

Amour: Lightweight Assault armour. Specialized for close quarter engagements.

Afterburner: Build into her armour, gives her a short quick thrust for her mobility but also used as combat technique.



Jul 28, 2016
Name: Splits
Gender: Male
Age: Seeming mid thirties
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian with a slight cafe latte tinge
Height: 1.95m
Weight: 165kg (Very trim fit)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Electric blue
Distinguishing Features: Strikingly handsome, eerily graceful
Short Background/Personality Bio: A serial killer captured by a group of professional hunters decades earlier, he had eventually been the subject of a mind transference project. Implanted into the neural cortex of a Scizophrenic asylum patient, he had managed to hack his host and escape.
Weaponry (if not standard): Carbon fibre reinforced skeleton, Retractable metal claws on hands and feet, nightvision, enhanced hearing.
Handicap: An insatiable need for human flesh and blood.
Jul 27, 2016
Name: Klaira (Last name: Unknown)

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/ British

Height: 5' 4''

Weight: 138 lbs

Hair Color: White blonde with pink pastel shading, (Style: Wavy bob)

Eye Color: Appears translucent blue, as if glowing (from a fair distance). (More info on eyes below)

Distinguishing Features:

-Her eyes. Technically they're both an optical-interface prosthesis. Before her experimental operation, she was blind in both eyes. With her new eyes, she can see, but not how humans normally see. If she is flying her space-craft, she has 360 degree sight, which can help her get out of a tight spot should she need to. It can also make targeting a lot easier.
On the ground however, everything alive and moving is cultivated into different types of data coding. As if her eyes are still trying to process what they're seeing. It's the same way in space, just not as overwhelming. She's also a lot less clumsier in space.
The way her eyes look however, from far away they seem normal enough, aside from the odd blue glow they can give. Up close, you would be able to see the layers that make up the iris twist and turn making sure they're constantly and accurately focused.

-Her hair, simply from how she colored it.

- Her right hand/forearm. Now you'd only be able to see this if the situation was dire. Let's say you try to.... grab her hand without permission. Well, due to another experimental operation (that never got completed nor did it succeed), her hand to the middle of her forearm are made up of a nano-structure prosthesis. Only the bones were replaced, not the skin. However, if the scenario stated earlier happened, she could just easily slip out! What it was supposed to do was harden into this unstoppable force! That was meant for her entire right arm, but due to the pain between surgeries, Klaira put a stop to it all and only got paid a fraction from what her original pay was going to be. So instead of hardening, it can squish and extend. Now since they're a NANO-structure, they can sometimes have minds of their own and not entirely cooperate with her brain signals. So it's entirely possible for someone to see that just randomly. Guess you can say she's a BIT embarrassed about that.

Short Background/Personality Bio:

- After three years, she made a sufficient amount of money as a moderately cooperative guinea pig. Since her previous operations, she can see the universe in an entirely new light!

Three years ago, she was still blind, poor, on the brink of selling her best ship that she usually kept on autopilot, and nearly lost any hope in surviving on her own. Before, she had a seeing-eye bot that would help direct her to certain places and even look for simple jobs. However, due to her lack of experience in any field, not to mention naturally just being blind, unfortunately has kept her unemployed for too long.

Then one day a wack job scientist was in desperate need of a test subject. From the way he looked, no one would volunteer. But, she couldn't see any of that. He granted her a bed to sleep on, food to eat, and a lot of money for taking part in these experiments. He was very good at keeping her pain tolerance in mind, as well as stay up with her as she painfully recovered. She told him at some point that she was originally an orphan. She always wanted to find her biological family and just ask why they put her up for adoption in the first place? But, not being able to see them or recognize their voices makes that rather hard. That conversation took place for her eye surgery. After she fully recovered, she was on her way to find her family. At this point she's expecting the worst, but hoping for the best.

- As for her personality, she keeps herself pretty chipper and nowadays she's constantly curious about everything. She loves traveling through space and exploring what she's been missing out on her whole life. Every now and again, she'll find herself getting into trouble, but if someone needs one hell of a getaway, you can rely on her for that!

The Ship: Crescent Flare

Speed, the embodiment thereof. Four Large engines creating an obscenely fast heavy fighter. While it's maneuverability is also comparable at low speeds, even some targeting systems would have a hard time keeping up, even some cruise missiles would. Twin Laser auto cannons that shred through ships and can even do a severe number on shielding as well. Independently targeting and capable of sustained fire they are the reason the ship is so large as the generators for the engines and the cannons are equally as large.

The drawbacks to this ship are its size, and it's dually it's speed. In atmosphere it's not able to reach it's full speed or potential as the friction generated could possibly rip the ship apart. That said for a heavy fighter it does it's role very well and is more then capable of taking on more agile fighters in the hands of the right pilot. It would take one hell of one to even keep up with the sheer speed that this thing can output however.
Name: Jonathan Peterson
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Race/Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 163 lbs
Hair Color: Copper brown
Eye Color: Dark, dark brown

Distinguishing Features: Whether it be the large scar over his right eye which he earned on a bounty hunt, his aviator sunglasses to hide the dead-gray color of said eye, or that he has a far better wardrobe than you, he has this “presence” about him that doesn’t evoke fear or even intimidation (What fear and intimidation he may have brought to the table is immediately canceled out by his gentle, fun-loving personality), but a cautious respect, like how one would treat a watchful guard dog.

Short Background/Personality Bio: Peterson was once the CEO of a very successful bounty-hunter contracting company. He had hunters stationed all across the galaxy (including himself), making him a valuable asset that one would have to go through before having a distant criminal captured. For a few great years, he was the biggest name in the business and criminals shuddered at the mere mention of his name. However, after the invention of affordable FTL travel, his company suffered. While this invention would help many growing companies grow faster, bounty hunting became much easier, as you could travel across the galaxy almost instantly. The market became oversaturated, and his unique services became something of a whispered legend, but unfortunately, legends don’t earn you money! Due to the sheer number of bounty hunters and the lack of customers, he couldn’t support himself. He had to close up shop. After a few months, he found that he could not live off of his left-over money forever, so, while most would give up their lavish life-styles, Peterson decided to give planet reaping a go, as he had experience in bounty hunting, which was a surprisingly similar job. He never felt more alive! The constant threat of death, the steady flow of income, the amazing weapons he got to use, it was everything he could have ever wanted! To this day, Peterson still reaps, and has, once again, become a household name, and though he’s been through a lot both physically and mentally, he manages to keep a smile on his face and a suit on his body.

Weaponry (if not standard):

HnG .50: A sniper rifle that, despite having a relatively primitive design, is devastatingly powerful and accurate at extreme ranges. Heavily customized with stickers, custom parts, and victory marks. A true testament of an immortal design.

Scyther SMG: A compact bullpup SMG capable of firing very quickly. Takes advantage of the most current technology. Pair this with the HnG .50, and you have living proof that opposites do indeed attract.

Buster Knife: Nuanced. Elegant. Sleek. These are the last words that come to mind when imagining the buster knife. A rugged and versatile blade that doubles as knuckle dusters, this is not a knife to be underestimated. Capable of doing anything from cutting line to bashing skulls, the Buster Knife can be anything you want it to be, well, maybe besides pretty.

Alto-Stratus Heavy Fighter: Bulky and bristling with guns, the Alto-Stratus is as deadly as they come. It can't get up to FTL speeds too fast, but it can survive in a firefight long enough to do so. It is a twin-boom fighter, meaning it has two fuselages connected by the cockpit and elevator. Its elevator is located above the cockpit instead directly behind it. If I had to describe its general appearance in one word, I'd say "boxy"
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Name: Nubilus "Shadowhunter" Tekal
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race/Ethnicity: White
Height: 6' 3" or 195 cm
Weight: 198 lbs or 90kg
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Distinguishing Features: Nubilus' face is covered in a mask with some kind of visor which can display various emoji. He wears what appears to be a pitch black hooded Cloak. Has an obsession with the black and darkness.

Short Background/Personality Bio: Nubilus Tekal was born on some world on the outer rims of this galaxy. He lost his parents at the age of 8, to the war that constantly waged between the opposing factions on Menra-8. To survive he had to steal, run and constantly hide from his pursuers. At the age of 10 an old man found him breaking into his house. Seeing how this boy easily went past various of his traps and sensors, he made him decide: He could live on the streets from day to day hoping to survive or he could become his student. Nubilus obviusly chose the latter. The man thought him the art of assasination, combat, crafting weaponry and all sorts of infiltration methods over the next 8 years. After all those years he had to learn one last thing from his master: to fuse with the shadows. To learn it he had to meditate and train 1 year in complete darkness. To complete the cycle he had to kill his mentor in a duell. Nubilus won but at the price of his mentor who cared for him and trained him. With the money his mentor left him he build his equiment and bought his ship.
Today he is only known as Shadowhunter, a ruthless mercenary who shines in assassination and infiltration. No-one except those who he deeply cares about know his true face and kindness.

Weaponry (if not standard):

Shadow-Cloak Armor:
A set of light armor consisting of: A pair of boots designed to muffle steps and equipped with internal magnets to climb metal surfaces. The left gauntlet has a build in Holo-Display for various purposes. The right one has a grappling hook mountend near the wrist. Its Body-armor is made of tough but flexible materials that can easily stop some bullets and resist most energy projectiles. A hooded cloak which is made of a self-repairing Meta-material. It looks like it gives of some kind of black shadowy fog which quickly dissipates. All armor pieces are pitch black.

HunterMkI-Facemask: A simple mask with visor. It is made from the same material as the Body-armor. It has a build in voice modulator. The visor is constantly hooked up to a face-recognition program which feeds directly into a bounty database.
It got a small Holoprojector which Shadownunter uses to, well... display emoji of his current mood ( >< , :D etc.).
Various plates are retractable for basic purposes like eating. The visor tends to glow red when he is angry.

Scythe/Hunter-Rifle: A high caliber, long distance sniper rifle. Custom build it provides several moddable parts like interchangable ammo types (Sleep darts, poison darts, High-speed rounds... ), scopes and stocks.
Since it is custom made it has some transforming parts that let it turn into a Scythe.

Dual Shock-Pistols: Dual wielded pistols which shoot, depending on mode, arcs of lightning or balls of pure electricity.
They tend to overheat quickly on lightning mode and drain the battery quicker. But the shot enemy is probably toast.
In Ball mode the projectiles tend to stun their victim with paralyzing shocks.

Assortmend of various daggers and (throwing)knives: No assasasin would be complete without his coat full of knives.
To be exact: 2 Knives with plasma edges, 10 throwing knives with attachment slots, 5 tracking darts.

Worn in crossed sheaths on his back Shadowhunter got 2 VibroKatanas. The blades are made of some sort of VibroCrystal, which tends to vibrate when energized. It can cut through most metals but is limited to its powersupply which is quickly empty (depending on metal it has to cut).

Special abilities:
Trough his training Nubilus gained the ability to merge with the shadows. It renders him invisible to the naked eye, nightview and some sensors. The drawback is, if there is no shadow to merge with, he cant use it.

"Now you see me..." His training earned him the ability to not be seen if he doesnt want to be seen. As it is a very exhausting technique he can only use it for limited amounts of time before having to rest. Only usable with sufficently low light levels.

Ship: The Black Swan
Mostly used by smugglers this SpyScout-Class ship, has a few tricks up it sleeves. It can enter a "Stealh-Cruise" disabling the FTL but rendering the ship invisible to scanners. Its Quad-Ion thrusters make it one of the fastest and most manouverable ships comercially available.
This one is very strongly modded, slightly bigger hull for some crew space, sleeker fins and wings, little to no cargohold but retractabe lasers, point defence turrets and 1 kinetic chaingun. Also painted pitch black.

Edit: Changed some minor things.
(PM me if there is something lore-unfriendly, stupid or unfitting. First RP character and all)
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Nov 15, 2016
Name: Olde Manne Woe Manninge
Gender: Male
60-something we think but don't really know
5'8" (was 5'10" but is now hunched from age)
Hair Color: white
Eye Color:
Distinguishing Features:
obviously elderly with an arched spine, thick white hair that is down to his shoulders and is a bit disheveled but has a certain vibrance to it. for his age and the shape of his body he seems oddly healthy, it mush have been all that liver oil over the years. everyone knows he buys so much of the stuff but nobody really knows were it all goes.

Short Background/Personality Bio:
Olde Manne Woe is a bit of an enigma. He's been around these parts seemingly forever and knows just about anything about anything when it comes to the history of the area, and even of strange things beyond that. Sometimes he says the strangest things. If you ask, he'll be able to tell you what seems to be the complete history of Crixa, maybe minus a few things though. He's seen just about all there is to been seen, or so he'll often tell you; maybe even twice in the same conversation. His grey eyes appear to be very bright yet they never quite fully focus on any one thing for very long, but when they do it is a moment of intensity. Mostly he sits on his porch at his cabin just outside of town and watches the world go by, and when trouble comes to town it seems to mostly go right by him as well. He likes olde things, especially the spelling and pronunciation of words, and often compares newer things to the older while picking out everything that is wrong with them and with people these days. His yard is mostly dirt, cuz, well, he's older now and can't really keep it up so much anymore. There is one large tree-thing around back that he is rumoured to have conversations with in a language nobody can quite figure out, and no matter how much time goes by, his cabin, the tree-thing around back, and he himself never really seem to change.

Weaponry (if not standard):
He has a cane that is made of wood but bulges at the top and at the bottom, and he likes to point it at passers by who are noisy or obnoxious or too aggressive and complain at them loudly. sometimes when this happens, those passers by are suddenly quiet and pick up their pace and move on. The ones who start a fight usually find themselves heading around back for a confrontation and are never heard from again. The large tree-thing appears to have an air of satisfaction about it afterwards, and if you ask him about it, Olde Manne Woe will look you in the eye and tell you he doesn't know what you're talking about. "Now git on, Sonny. You'd better off hittin' dirt than pokin' 'round windows what no-one never saw through."
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