Dumb female presentation


Jul 27, 2016
This isn't body shaming post. This is an over-sexualization post. What the heck is up with the female art and presentation for this game? I played Firefall for years in alpha before it became the garbage mmo wannabe it was before shutting down. Never did i care what the male or females looked like under the suit. The people in Firefall were in mechsuits. External heaps of badass metal. I get that this isn't Firefall. Its something new, hopefully better. But its a mmofps.....Not a turn the page story love game.
Looking at the art thrown in my face coming onto the website and you would think this was a typical eastern mmo with jiggly physics. Or a hentai puzzle game on steam.
Why?.......Why? From a glance I would immediately think 'game made by a boy for other boys'. Humans are beautiful things but geez...The art is atrocious and screams hentai. Tiny clothing over massive curves. Huge nipples through bikinis. Straight up Cringe.
Just go to the main page for website. See for yourself. Literally has cool art for mechs and the game. But then these female models fade in and out.....Dude one of the females legit has her hands between her legs. What a joke. Seems like a ploy to get some dudes hooked on first page and then maybe look at game later.
Oh great! This again... What is this, the 4th or 5th time some SJW wanders in, and is "offended" by some of the art? I played FireFall for years, and very much enjoyed the game. Then The9 Tried to turn it into WoW with guns. Ruining the game in the process. I'm quite looking forward to Em8er, and unlike some I enjoy female art. Keep up the good work Grummz.