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Aug 7, 2016
weird dream time:

my family was ordering takeout from a midrange asian restaurant, which for some reason involved a representative coming to us to take our orders, going back, and coming back with the food. this would take like 45 minutes.

while we were waiting for the food to arrive, I saw a video had appeared on my phone (can't remember if downloaded or youtube video). it was a 37-minute movie called "Ninija: Afghan Leader of the Guatamalese Forces". The cover was a black man firing a gun, drawn in the style of a good soldier in a WWI/II propaganda poster. I thought it was one of those over-the-top african amateur movies. skipped around a bit on pause trying to get a feel without spoiling much.

evidence for being one of those:
there were some children with their faces poorly replaced with adult ones

evidence against being one of those:
backgrounds looked like places I've been in Norway
very many actors
smoothly moving camera
did not seem particularly over-the-top

I woke up while googling the name.