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Aug 7, 2016
looks can be deceiving. those are kissing gourami; the "kiss" is actually a form of ritualized aggression.
this is the second closest fish come to property-damage, because fish cannot own property. the closest fish come to property-damage is to light a car on fire and blame it on a fish they want to hurt.


Omni Ace
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Jul 26, 2016
Planet Earth, USA, East Coast
If all neighbors could learn a thing from these 2 :D
I watched this video and I went seeking more of Jason Cannon's videos.
What he and his wife are having to endure ... that old woman is a TOTAL NUT JOB.

I hope his videos go viral because they are STILL dealing with this NUT JOB, as recent as 3 weeks ago.

He's said in comments of that first video:
- They live in Canberra (UK ?)
- They've contacted the police and the police say it's not worth their time
- They've contacted a lawyer and they said the family would never see any of the money for the damages.

Side note: it's amazing how many people don't pay attention to what is said in the video and in the top comments by the YouTube Channel owner.

In the most recent video from 3 weeks ago (see below) ... she was throwing DEAD animals over the fence ... and I haven't even gotten past the first 2 minutes of the video yet! I'm sitting here going, WHAT THE F##K!! SERIOUSLY?