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Aug 7, 2016
had a less cinematic nightmare: I'm working on a school-project, but:
  • it's chemistry, I've never taken chemistry.
  • I think the textbook is in german, I've never taken german.
  • my partner is using the equipment to bake cookies.
  • we need carbonated water, but they don't have any non-flavored at the store.
  • I turn on Warframe to do dailies, but there's an insect free in the orbiter and my character starts vomiting blood that turns into a blob. I worry I've started a questline I don't have time for.
  • there's a pigeon in my room. I grab it and accidentally break its wing. because it's already crippled I try to kill it by twisting its neck. something breaks, but it doesn't die. I give up and try to throw it out a window. it keeps biting me. I wake up.