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Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. WiiTodd

    WiiTodd New Member

    Joined Firefall in February of 2013, became a founder shortly thereafter. The game let me play how I wanted. Played a frame or two in XP Valley (don't you booo me!)
    Never played anything like it. Hope to get something like that back again.
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  2. zdoofop

    zdoofop Active Member

    we're still doing this? cool.

    "When I first played Firefall, back in I think 2012, I remember loving the game, but not being ready to jump into a new mmo. By the time I fully commited myself, it was too late; the game had been ruined. I'd give anything to get that kind of gameplay back. So when I heard about Em8er, I naturally jumped at what may well be the last chance to play the ultimate game. Em8er will, in all likelihood, make history, and like Netflix, Uber, and Facebook, big game devs will want to jump on this, and will fail. I want to tell my kids (if I ever have any) that I played the first one, that I was there when it all started."
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  3. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna

    Mech frames vs alien creatures, heck yeah! I even backed twice lol.
  4. zdoofop

    zdoofop Active Member

    hopefully not during the same milestone
  5. 203

    203 Member Kahuna M.A.X.

    When I entered the open beta of firefall, the art style and gameplay completely clicked with me. I imediately bought the commander support pack (most expensive one, came with the bike).
    So far, em8er shapes out to be what firefall was supposed to be. Here's hope, at least.

    no names, please.
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  6. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

  7. Kailow_Krow

    Kailow_Krow New Member

    Firefall was something magical. Something that I had simply dreamt about playing, first person mmo, but more than a Mmo, world that actually reacted to your presence.
    Where you are working together with other players towards a real goal you all recognized, a goal more than just grinding, but to reclaim the world from a enemy who actually dights back. EM-8ER is keeping that promise. And it will be glorious.
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  8. xXDibbs

    xXDibbs New Member

    You like shooters? You like killing loads of stuff? You like crafting? You like Gathering resources? If you answered yes to the above then you will love EM8ER!!!

  9. Dilplaya

    Dilplaya New Member

    Firefall was the most fun and exciting game I had ever played. I often remember how fun it was at one moment to retake a town from a army of choosen, calling down a thumper to get awesome rewards or even just running around the entire map to look at the eye popping scenery in the closed beta. When I saw Mark Kern was reviving those very things in Em8er that made Firefall fun--and to even more closely emphasize similar mechanics, I knew it something that is definitely worth backing. Keep up the great work Mark!!
  10. Arca9

    Arca9 New Member

    Firefall let me live out power fantasies in different ways.

    Now I get a chance to do it again

    but in a giant fucking robot.
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  11. pinkish

    pinkish Member

    Firefall was the first game I played to reach 200 hours. It filled me with awe and wonder at the beautiful landscapes and adrenaline as I fought the Chosen, and the Dev sometimes with their Dev weekends. I had maxed out two of my recon frames and was close with a third one. When Firefall tanked, I was happy to learn that Em-8er is in the works. I can't wait to finally pick up my long forgotten rifle and start sniping again.

    - Pinkish, formerly known as pinkhairedfreak on Firefall
  12. 6ONES

    6ONES New Member

    Loved Firefall... Lost Firefall but from the ashes, we all can rise again in EM8ER.
  13. Huntrkill3r

    Huntrkill3r New Member

    Firefall was the first game I really, and I mean REALLY got into, and I know that EM-8ER will be the next game that sucks me into it, and keeps me in.

    -Huntrkill3r, Nighthawk lover and sharpshooter extraordinaire

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