Backer Update and Omniframe Teaser

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    See our blog entry on for more info!

    I'll be working on the writeup for the frame for the full art post in 48 hours. Also, backers posters have been sent for printing and ready for pickup and shipping this week.
  2. Btabc

    Btabc Active Member

    Nice!!!! However... why a teaser?!?!?!?! My OCD and ADHD is kicking in and I "NEEEEEEEEEEED" to know more! :)
    Also noticed that:
    "Ember will features several vehicles including the MEK frame, aircraft and ground vehicles."

    This is a neat feature and I'm looking forward to how this works out :)
  3. Dzzel

    Dzzel Member

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  4. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    The awesomeness is building....
  5. Cadbane

    Cadbane Gatestrider - Frame Founder Base Commander

  6. ChinoGreen

    ChinoGreen Firstclaimer

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  7. NightStroke

    NightStroke Deepscanner Base Commander

    Waiting to do more doodles based on this!
  8. TankHunter678

    TankHunter678 Well-Known Member

    Does this mean we may one day have Zaku II style heads for armor customization?
  9. Nakiato

    Nakiato Moderator Ember Moderator

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  10. AgentSmith5150

    AgentSmith5150 Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R.

    Fixed that for ya!
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  11. Wyntyr

    Wyntyr Firstclaimer

    Lions, tigers, and Meka...OH MY!
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  12. GreatKhan

    GreatKhan New Member

    Is this a mech game? Kind of disappointed if that is the goal.
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  13. Ammara

    Ammara Active Member

    No, mechs are only mountable vehicles
  14. GreatKhan

    GreatKhan New Member

    Missed that part that they are only mountable.. kind of just getting more disappointed as time passes.. Is practicality being over-ridden by fear of the firefall IP? (Motorcycle types make way more sense to me than a bi-pod walker)
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  15. Earth_Soldier

    Earth_Soldier Deepscanner


    :D yea... gonna love such mounts.

    And mecha wings to fly arouns too :3

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  16. Ammara

    Ammara Active Member

    To my knowledge, mechs will be replacing thumpers (Since they'll be capable of mining resources).

    I say give it some time, having mountable mechs doesn't mean they are the only mean of transportation
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  17. TGVirus

    TGVirus Firstclaimer

    Bahahahahahaha... fell off my chair! and i think i broke a rib laughing :)))
  18. NimbusCloud

    NimbusCloud Reaper Leader

  19. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    yey i can't wait

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