Another "game when?" + Focus Change Feedback Thread

Should EM-8ER change focus from Thumping Encounter to Kaiju Hunting?

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Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 29, 2016
Zone of Bones, Australia
I'd have to say doing a bit of everything:
  • Allow for players to craft their own weapons and parts, or purchase them from a player market
    • Keep some high-tier equipment locked to crafting, or late-game rewards/drops. Rare enough that trading for these is expensive.
  • Allow for players to craft consumables at low cost, with better consumables crafting only.
  • Guild/base building uses low resources initially, higher resources at higher tiers. This will give them the ability to contribute at any level, but reward them for spending more resources.
  • No item degradation.
  • Items should be disassembled for resources or credits, depending on what the player needs at the time.
An inventory/stash limit needs to be considered, but given that players are encouraged to have multiple frames and setups for each, I'd guess that either the limit needs to be high, or the items in a loadout aren't considered to be "in inventory" in some weird way. Need to limit players from hoarding too much otherwise they might always have what they need, but not so harshly that they always don't have what they need.
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Kaiju Slayer
Fart Siege
Welcome Wagon
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Made me think of this while fixing my bike.

Damage indirectly to Damage directly

An example the type of bearings e.g. ball bearings, roller bearing, fluid bearing to magnet bearing etc

There are 4 major considerations regarding seals — friction, protection and serviceability.

- If they are friction-less then the issue is less susceptible to friction and issues.
- If the protection is there less damage is taken inside include indirect damage such as from the environment
- If the material is durable depending on the alloy type to its properties such as heat resistance etc
- If the service is done to maintain the inner parts and housing the added work will provide with a longer life to sustain optimal efficiency.

Not only that you would get the right viscosity of fluid / pressure bar/ magnetic force required to avoid contact between metal pieces.

At the end the factor is what it will cost with resources, parts and such some say purchasing more expensive durable parts is better but it will cost more to fix such as in luxury cars.

Though similar parts can be purchased with the same effect depending on the type of manufacturing process to reflect reliability.

If such things do not get looked at for a long duration e.g. with regards to weapons warnings in the mek diagnostic system link could detect things such as:

- Minor adjustment issues with reticule causing certain % accuracy issue unless re-calibrated and fixed.
- Feeding system slowed down due to malfunction causing it to work less efficiently
- Overheats faster because cooling mechanism software error
etc etc

Some meks may not have these Diagnostic systems because of older generations that solely rely on visual cues and sounds such as sparks appearing or the sound of a longer pressure release followed by deactivate lights etc

Unless you have a weapon that self regenerates to fix itself eating resources scattered.
Perhaps this weapon is unique because it fires codes of Highly complex signal waves to by pass certain Tech.

Alternatively it can go into an overdrive mode which has a higher chance to overload itself with incredible waves to fry internal tech systems inside. This would most likely cause damage to the weapon itself too so that is why it has this self regen system.
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