1. Faeryl


    Hello Gatestriders!! Happy Spring and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!! Recently Grummz started a "No Zero Days" text channel in Discord. What is a No Zero Days channel and what is it for you ask? Here is an explanation from Grummz himself, dated 24-MARCH-2023, in Discord: Without...
  2. Nunaden

    A as of yet unnamed creature - random bestiary

    Now, we, I (Nunaden/7ux0n0) and @Arca9 (Arca9/Mr Arca9), randomly worked out this concept of an animal on discord after lava fishes got mentioned and i started to nag that fishes can't exists in lava. Quite some stuff isn't worked out, and we tried to keep stuff scientific plausible. @Grummz we...
  3. Valaetoshiru

    Can't log in to Discord

    Last year when I signed up for Ember, I registered on the forums and was able to chat in Discord. I am trying to get into Discord now and it tells me to claim my account. When I try to claim my account, it asks for my email and password. I enter my email and password and I get an error message...
  4. DemonSlayer873

    Ember's Discord Server

    Lets move the flamewars to here shall we?