Where to download this demo/game


Omni Ace
Jul 27, 2016
California, CA


Omni Ace
Ark Liege
Jul 26, 2016
So even if I already bought the emberite I don’t get any playable demos or the full game?
by Mark Kern
Jul 3, 2017 • 8:39PM
over 3 years ago
$35 Emberite and above are now formally upgraded to receiving 1 copy of the final game, Max Kahunas will get an extra copy as well.

From the above, you do get a copy of the game (it was added later) but no access to the current demo or past demo on the servers. From the way I read the M2 Emberite pack v/s the M3 Deepscanner pack (both $35 packs)...the Emberite gets a THMPR demo while the Deepscanner gets the rest. Both also get the Kick Starter Mockup. The Dev Team was thinking that they needed about 7 Milestone fund raising drives to create the mockup demo for the KS...but got so much funding in M3 (and added the monthly Patron subscription) that no further Milestone drives on Indiegogo were needed. So to get onto the servers now, you'll have to either upgrade an M3 pack (if you have one) to the $35 Deepscanner so you can get access to the most recent live demo...or...become a Patron (monthly subscription) to get access to the previous live demo. Other than that you'll have to wait to get on the live servers when the KS demo goes up, which will be early 2021 per the Dev Team. Also, they just announced yesterday on Discord that the current discount on packs ends tomorrow and will be the last time the packs are discounted before being taken down ahead of the KS (i.e. once taken down you'll no longer be able to purchase or upgrade them). Hopefully this info helps.


Kaiju Slayer
Fart Siege
Welcome Wagon
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Checked out the links you shared, and wow, being a backer seems like it has its perks! The demo download and the Chief Chats on Discord sound like a blast.
There's a lot of nice perks, I am keeping my eye out on the updates when they actually are translated to workable results for us to experience, test and play.

That time will be most exciting & to trust in their process. At the same time being realistic that the circumstance is not exactly the same as before.

If the Kick Starter is here in 2024 then this will get many of us hyped for sure. As the interest has deviated else where currently.

We certainly need good news and something to bring back that Em8er presence.