What feature DON'T you like to see in your Video Games

Nov 13, 2018
I always see posts asking what we WANT to see in our video games, so I thought we could come at it from the other side..
What do you not like to see in video games? It could be something with the mechanics, game play, audio/video, cosmetically. This doesn't have to be a deal-breaking thing, it could be just a pet peeve.

I'll start off with one of my "pet peeves"-
MMO Games that have armor/weapons that degrade over time or as you use them. Every MMO game with this mechanic always feels like a grind-fest to me and seems to hurt the casual player base as the space between the hardcore crowd and casuals widens as they cannot put in the time to stay competitive.


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Jul 27, 2016
California, CA
Video game features I dislike:

RNG crafting and RNG rewards
Firefall Beta and SWTOR drove me up the wall on this.
Firefall beta had crafting blueprints that would produce items with random within range stats. For example a result of crafting a medic gun could be within the range of 150 hp/s to 160 hp/s. It infuriated me that after spending hours earning crafting materials and then the crafted item was not the max result even after multiple crafting attempts. I firmly believe 100% effort should result in 100% result. I absolutely hate luck/chance rolls for things I spent time to earn. I understand it is fun to gamble from time to time but when I'm forced to risk losing every time I often find myself with rotten luck.

SWTOR was the worst when it came to earning PvP gear and last I check it's even worse than when I quit years ago. Essentially after each PvP match players were rewarded pvp currency that they could then trade for backpacks. The backpacks had a small chance to contain a pvp gear token which was then traded to the designated vendor. Obviously the small chance to receive a gear token drove me mad as it took hours to earn 1 backpack then it sometimes had something in it. On top of that the gear tokens that came out of the backpack were restricted to a piece of armor such as shoulder-pads, chest armor, leggings, ect. If you already had that token well tough! Earn another backpack and try again!

I eventually crunched some general numbers on how long it would take to earn max SWTOR gear if there was no pvp wait time and each backpack guaranteed exactly what you needed to fully gear up. It ended up being in the hundreds of hours range just for 1 toon (and who doesn't have alts?). The PvP reward system eventually changed to guaranteeing armor pieces after I posted my complaint but it still took forever hours to get gear. I recall after I finally geared up my main toon the next expansion came out shortly after so the gear I spent forever getting was outdated. I just stopped playing after that though the pvp queue times were so long anyway I was on the brink of leaving to begin with.

Jumping doesn't have downsides
Call it petty if you want but my sanity really hates it when video games allow players to jump non-stop without some sort of speed loss or other consequence. I understand a bobbing head-hitbox is difficult to snipe but common, nobody human can jump around in fully military gear for long let alone expect to land any bullet while airborne. The non-sense jumping is one of the reasons I can't watch Overwatch streams.

Racism / Hate / General Unpleasant Characters
Storytelling does need something to spice it up. There are uncouth and hurtful people in existence. What bugs me is racism and general unpleasant characters are put into video games just for the sake of "spicing things up". Understandably fantasy games like The Witcher exist in a world of the unpleasant but I find games toss in unpleasant stuff just to make it easier on the storytelling. Part of the reason I loved Firefall so much is that every npc was generally pretty cool all the time. However in games like Star Citizen often times NPCs us verbiage that carries negative connotations for seemingly no reason. Now I don't know what the mechanic on some space station deals with every day but when every npc tells me to "take my $#!t and go"...well $#!t why am I allowing a game to be a major drag after a long week at work?

I'm not saying video games need to always be happy but gosh darn it would be nice for a change.


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Jul 27, 2016
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My dislikes:

* Too many changes rules and balancing dislike this because when you play and enjoy something suddenly someone will say it is over powered and then gets changed making it worst for those who prefer playing a certain way then add special mod rivens to unlock just so you can use it how you intended the equipment to work to begin with!

If something works and is enjoyable why keep changing it small changes sure but too many changes is not so good imo.

* Registering to 3rd party sites to be eligible for rewards such as registering to amazon prime and linking to your twitch. It would be easier to just login to the game and be involved in the special event to earn that.

* Pay walls to unlock a part of a game etc etc

* Troll groups/individuals who screw up others game experience by going afk or getting in front of you to block you from hitting etc etc

* Most games reward for speed and kills but not enough on heals/revives, fixing, exploring/spotting, protecting, stealth, collecting, crafting, etc etc

* Players who rush and leave others behind this happens alot in warframe. To enforce team work no one left behind and that way promote to keep an eye on each others proximity unless ofc you die or have crashed.

* lack of tutorial mode one thing i liked about firefall was the tutorial made it so the player could ease into the game but some games just set you in some place and you have no real direction searching on wiki's and youtube just to find out how to do something.

* Finding players to play with not everyone shares your common goal and do other things but when you do its the time zone your in unless your friends are on the same time or not sleeping or not working etc.

Would that mean if your soloing something that was supposed to be for a team that A.I's could help or your pet gets abit of a boost?

* Not enough unique skins or particular skin type of your style could custom skins be made available for those and put into the game store once approved?

* Top kills rank one i dislike because it just shows yes they are best killer but what about the other stats i guess we wont really need those since it is pve.

i'd like to see most heals, most currency, most fixes, most crafted, most protected, hilighted and perhaps giving a list of other names nearby of those with similar play style with your stats across as a recommendation etc etc

* Giving more attention to newer players than loyal players, this annoys me somewhat loyalty should be rewarded too. Not saying forget new players but don't forget us too!
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Jul 26, 2016
lag and latency issues. I know.. that crap is on me. But it's usually what I don't like.

oh and pop up ads. For fucks sake, if you guys decide to use ads later in the game, blend it into the background or something.

gatcha or loot box systems are okay it's just that when the devs make it so that the rewards in the gatcha is only available in the real money gatcha does it get freaking off putting.

for example :
I'm playing arknights and in that game they got game $ gatchas with the option of using real $ to get game $. That's cool because you can easily make game $ in the game and easily increase your free playtime without using real $. That's a cool system.

On the otherhand I have played a game where the playtime can only be increased by using real $ and it's gatcha system pretty much required you to use for real $ since attempting to acquire enough game $ to play the system was virtually impossible within the limits of freeplay.
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Sep 15, 2017
A have seen some companies "trolling" players for certain definitions like P2W or exclusivity.

-One big game that is now on early acess is only available in steam and they said (at the time of EPIC controversy) that they don't like exclusivity, so i asked devs in their discord if their game will be available in PC with other clients like standalone, epic... and they said that they will be only on steam, so i asked "that means that they are steam exclusive", and they answer "no, we are not steam-exclusive, but we will only be available on steam"... and i didn't ask more.

-Other situation occured in a game that was launched recently, about P2W, the game is free PVP in open world with vertical progression in levels... and they sold early acess and exp. and resources boosts (as time saving excuses), so i said that it turn the game in P2W since players with early acess will level up fast before normal players could get in and than they could "be feed" with new players with lower levels, and the same could happen with boosts, since players could level up fast with them and became stronger and again "be feed" with new players with lower levels, and again they said that players that don't have much time to play could pay to level faster and that was not P2W, and i asked if they had any feature that prevents players that play a lot of don't get or buy boosts and (of course) they said that they didn't have, and i asked so why is that not P2W, and they keep saying that is not P2W... do devs play their own games?

Of course that many players don't know what means P2W, pay for content, grind-a-lot..., now devs don't knowing what those expressions means is weird...

Other thing that started to happen when games like MOBAs and Battle Royals become popular (and i hate it), is "single content" games. Most f2p games out there now only have just one activity to do, that players must do over and over, dozens, hundreds of times in order to progress.
Many games only throw to players one map / game mode, a dozen characters/ classes / weapons and then players must play with each other and buy cosmetics during years. I know it's easy money for devs, so they don't need to create much content, and in a few months with few devs they have a game ready to launch.
I hate it because it's lazy work and i just get bored after a few hours or few days, i miss the days of big MMO's that were build in years with hundreds of devs and we had a lot of different things to choose from... i miss Firefall...
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Jul 27, 2016
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I like to add i dislike when a game creates an update giving it a fancy name lets call it as an example

Super wupty falcon peck

Its re-brand of a mode of wave extermination the only difference is not much just a few structures and new rewards.

It will last for a small time until a new update appears called super ultra falcon rise this one is in the next chapter using another same area with some re-skinned enemies but this time in the air !!!!

If updates of a game are going to be done i hope they wont be making shortcuts players notice these things and may feel cheated
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