Video Update 8 - Choose the THMPR Laugh

What laugh would you prefer as the default laugh of the THMPR

  • Original Sinister Laugh (1:41 mark here:

    Votes: 83 33.2%
  • New Laugh Number 1

    Votes: 75 30.0%
  • New Laugh Number 2

    Votes: 19 7.6%
  • New Laugh Number 3

    Votes: 20 8.0%
  • None of the above, make a new laugh!

    Votes: 53 21.2%

  • Total voters


Ember Dev
Jul 25, 2016
(The Thumpers Laugh... personally a Laugh for essentially a Robot of that Size, just kinda ruins it for Me. It takes away the menace and epicness of controlling a Metal Giant. But if I had to choose, I would go with 3 because it is the least cringy One, but it'll need a bit more work I think. I can imagine it Ingame just shreading my Ears with that highpitch, take Bastion's Laugh or something similiar.)

Good Evening,

I really enjoyed Firefall (too bad it had to go.), so I'm interested in Em8er. But I have my doubts about the Game Concept.

The Terraforming Aspect that is. I imagine it like a new Minecraft World, with the Spawn/HUB and then the vast OpenWorld where you can terraform and so forth. But would'n that mean that eventually the Map is so clutured with Buildings/Terraforming that it will be impossible for Anyone to run it smoothly, or straight up annoy People (Earth D*cks everywhere for Example)? Or is there no Freedom to what you can Terraform? Like "Place Terraformer at X -100 | Y +34³, and defend it until Completion." and You do that 5k more Times and you won the Game.

How is this going to work?
You don't terraform like in Minecraft. Each zone goes through 4 distinct stages from icy/volcano -> final biome look. No shaping involved, thing jump one level at a time.


Omni Ace
Base Commander
Jul 26, 2016
Planet Earth, USA, East Coast
Here is my feedback (finally), lol! I kept getting distracted last night and today but, I also wanted to take my time and watch each part of this video and write comments since there is so much AWESOMESAUCE in it!! So here we go ...

The Tsi-Hu Hi-Poly Model:
I think it looks SCARY good!
I like the idea of Tsi-Hu grappling an Omniframe and then throwing/slamming it to the ground, COOL!

Prototypes of the Plasma Cannon / Missile Swarm:
The two types of fire for the Plasma Cannon look awesome!
I hope Missile Swarm feels like it looks! I'm excited to try it out!

Welcome Ricardo to the Em-8ER community and thank you for the AWESOME prototypes!

Human Animations on Male Character:
The character movement animations look fluid and coordinated!
I agree with Pighead though on the "idle animation". Although maybe that will be added in later?

Idle movement examples/ideas: A shift in weight from one side to the other or leaning against a building; shifting arm positions from hands-on-the-hips, to folded arms, to hands at their sides; Another idle movement I recall seeing before is shifting an unsheathed weapon from shoulder to shoulder. A good place to take some samples from would be when you're standing face-to-face with someone and having a conversation. Notice how each person stands and shifts weight and changes their arm positions while they're talking.

The Default THMPR Laugh:
The Original "Sinister" Laugh - I think I still like this one more than the rest but, let's hear it deeper.
New Laugh #1 sounds ok but, I'd like to hear a deeper version.
New Laugh #2 sounds like a very small robot!
New Laugh #3 sounds like a cross between R2-D2 and a elf!

The Lore Drop:
@Grummz Your kids must LOVE your bedtime stories! :cool:
It was exciting to hear you tell the story of Em-8ER! You have a great storytelling voice!

Wow ... I'm just so HYPED!!! Can you FEEL IT ???

8 FOR EM-8ER :cool::cool::cool:


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
The 3rd voice at first seemed hard to understand, but not after a short while. The 3rd seemed to have real personality.

The 1st was nice but sounded like many other alien voices out there (kind of raspy and deep). It did not seem to match the shape of the alien exactly as the alien appeared to have a smallish chest and vocal area (if it spoke like humans physiologically).
The 3rd voice female A.I voice but your right at parts its hard to understand perhaps she was having some malfunction maybe she is just a crazy A.I and thats why i like her imperfections make it her or maybe she has so many personality traits in one at times it gets jumbled up :O

I like the 1st voice even though it seems to be the norm but it does sound strange looking at that alien :D
Just hope there will be a choice for voices so that we can decide how it sounds perhaps there will be voice packs in the E-shop for those
who want something more specific to their style hmm

I am excited about this because these custoization helps us individualize our thmpr buddies way more even the animation like
Faeryl mentioned especially with the idel stance etc

Puck Swiftpaw

Get Counted for Stretch!
Aug 5, 2017
Pretty pleeeeeaaase add minor projectile drop to the plasma cannon primary fire, like in beta Firefall! Not so heavy that it feels like you're throwing a rock, just that slight drop under gravity that made the original fusion cannon feel so... physical. ♥


Omni Ace
Base Commander
Jul 26, 2016
Planet Earth, USA, East Coast
All of these are pretty terrible...

BTW make a link in the post... you can't click OR copy any of the text from the poll.
Hello @VitaminK , the laughs are in Em-8ER Update Video #7 and #8.
For convenience, I've added the specific time links to each laugh below.

Original Sinister Laugh @ 1:41 mark in Update #7:

New Laugh Number 1 @ 5:09 mark in Update #8:

New Laugh Number 2 @ 5:24 mark in Update #8:

New Laugh Number 3 @ 5:41 mark in Update #8:

Silv3r Shadow

Max Kahuna
Max Kahuna
Kaiju Slayer
Jul 29, 2016
nice update, but i think we should stick with what we started with. the Original, i also think the 1 is the better one of the e, but the original from last week just fits the mek, it keeps the intimidating feel.
Likes: Fabricio21RJ


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
The original voice and number 2 voice are good will there be more laugh variations and voices even sold as voice packs?

I like sounds and sometimes when you have a cool sounding mech it just seems to fit right some people might hear a higher pitch voice
on a smaller frame but what if it was a hyper personality like a tigger :D anyways personalities such as sarcastic trait, optimistic
e.g. when something bad happens the optimistic mech would say everything is going to be okaay but could be at 1% health

I like his voice and seems goofy as well

i like the slow mo voice good for when doing things slow

I like when she screams :D

Plus weird sounds are good for the aliens


Feb 11, 2017
Yep Yep. These are prototypes and you are RIGHT! It needs to come back. Projectile drop will be coming to this main weapon. Which still needs it's own "Em-8ER" name btw!.
How about something like 'Nova Gun' or 'Nova Cannon' as a nod towards the destruction of the Gatestriders home system (spreading remembrance with every trigger pull!)?
Edit: Was that already used in Firefall? Assaults weren't really my main frame and I'm getting old and senile so ignore me if I'm stealing ideas lol.


Oct 1, 2016
I'm pretty sure most votes are still voting on the old laughs. I didn't realize there were new laughs until I went thru the forum a bit. @Grummz Maybe you should start a new thread with the updated laughs. I've definitely changed my vote.
Feb 17, 2017
Then, why did they NOT come out new videos for last two weeks ?????

Grummz promised to come out one video per week :/