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Jul 27, 2016
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Was thinking of the choice of items, building, weapons and such used, even what the opponents would have in Em8er

I recall that tsihu would use magic and beasts while those of the Reapers would use more advance tech including mechs.

What if there are 3 ways of doing something such as:

- Ancient magic & traditional methods some more ritualistic E.g. Creating a fire orb that knocks a single target

- Hybrid Utilization of Traditional and Advancement E.g Spinning a short range ultra heated drill segment to drill much faster or melt the area/target with incredible heat generated orbs of fire spin around the drill even faster and are similar to homing missiles at a shorter range.

- Advanced tech & Digital systems with direct link to comms E.g. Launching a pod that extends out horizontally to set in a strategic place. Threats passing this would activate the firewall spreading a constant stream of fire orbs highlighting, and igniting the target to panic which triggers an alert to you/mech on your map.

This reminds me of how some societies use old tech and can still get the job done even though it was simple and rather effective with how they became skilled at this. Then some use very modern things which may encounter issues such as the communication between software and hardware doesn't always seamlessly work.

Perhaps the bridge between different tech could be combined to create something complimentary, but what are the flaws of such hybrid mix?

Maybe the mix of the two is more complicated with finding complimentary bp to merge for the right combo including extra resources, and the tech level of each side to your use.

Since hybrid may have more adaptability depending on tech level of the world it is the jack of all trades and doesn't really excel at a particularly aspect compared to focusing on either traditional or the Advanced methods.

Maybe i am over thinking this to me it is how cars are from the choice of fuel system e.g
- Petrol / Diesel
- Hybrid
- Electric / Hydro
Aug 14, 2016
When I play games like D&D in real life with my friends two of the things I like to do is see if the DM will let me make a magic guns. Knowing that some objects can store magic, amplify magic, and resist/block means it should be possible for me to make things like magic circuits. And would explain how the internal parts of the gun parts of magic circles and symbols on them what only lines up when I pull the trigger to fire the magic bullet. The gun can drain the magic of the user or other near-by sources magical energy to for the shots. And yes, I have killed things like dragons using high powered magical sniper rifle with enough recall to send the user flying backwards if you don't use things like gravity magic to counter the force of the shot. Or you use the gun to jump really high or large gaps or sitting in a boat and firing it every so often to speed across the water dodging sea monsters. And if you think it is odd that I'll use my weapon as tool for traveling, just remember there is not difference between mass drivers and railguns / coil guns other one is used fire at targets with the aim to damage/destroy them and other is use to move ships and cargo.

The other thing I like to do is to always use space magic to change the size of objects. Namely taking large heavy objects and making them smaller while keeping their mass the same. And some of you can just guess how over powered a ball the size of your fist but with the mass of a house can have when dropped from a height or rolled down a hill. Although there is no DMs that ever let me compress things down to the Schwarzschild radius because they know how broken it would be for player to be able to make black holes out of any object at will. lol
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