TSI HU Overspawn Demo


Apr 30, 2018
Feedback thread for the latest demo.
Tsi-Hu are swarming more than ever! Come help us stress test our servers. The more players, the more Tsi-Hu!
As usual if you're backer, the build is ready to download right now!

Give us the feedback down below!
Minor bug report. When getting latched on by a Tsi-Hu grappler, if you deepstrike before you begin to fall, you'll have 1 of 2 bugs happen to your character:
1. You will explode on impact, with the camera maintaining it's velocity and flying underground.
2. You will land on the ground and be stuck standing still, until you're killed by other Tsi-Hu.

Onto non-bug related feedback.
While attempting to replicate the issue a third time (forgot to record and it was a hassle), I noticed the Tsi-Hu refusing to shoot while moving to a firing position. I think the grapplers specifically seem to take a long while to find a spot (or maybe it seems like longer since there's far less). Fine tuning the grapplers to be quicker to begin winding a throw would be much more interesting.

Additionally, the grapplers have INSANE range. Like, holy kaiju crap they have a throwing arm. I'd suggest making you have a much smaller radius you can fly away from them to get away. Once you've locked on, it's nearly impossible to shake them if you're not near hills.
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Jul 27, 2016
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Additionally, the grapplers have INSANE range. Like, holy kaiju crap they have a throwing arm. I'd suggest making you have a much smaller radius you can fly away from them to get away.
Please dont mess the Q, however with gliding its slow and i get grappled more often.


- Could the grappler once grappled a reaper instead drain all of the reaper's energy making the player unable to jet off for a short time.

- Could the grappler instead be used to pull a player rather throw the player against an object/wall resulting in some damage but not killing the player right away. This provides the player a window of opportunity to shoot back and get free.


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Jul 29, 2016
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Further postings...

Ran the demo on my work laptop to see how it'd run on a low spec machine. Cleared C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Em8erMovement before opening GreaterSpawnDemo.
- Game ran at Windowed Fullscreen showing resolution 1024x768 at 71% scaling., all settings on Epic.
- Changed Windowed Fullscreen to Windowed, apply, no change.
- Screen resolution was 3000x2000, but according to the .ini file, it was running at 1500x1000.
- Changed Epic to Medium, apply. Screen flashed, nothing changed.
- Changed to Overall Settings to Low. Other dropdowns did not update. Apply, no change.
- Closed game and reopened. All settings remained.
- Updated resolution to 1152x864. Apply, screen changed to a window with correct resolution. Changed back to 1024x768, apply, updated successfully.

Noticed that the MovementKey then V dash is working for me, even diagonally, even while not holding SpaceBar (edit: still while airborne). I've assigned it to a thumb button on my mouse and it's fantastic.
Edit: I'm stumped as to how dashing could be implemented to suit everyone. Double-tapping feels like a Quake/UT thing to me, so it's natural for movement but annoying for anything precise. Maybe by default, the double-tap key could be the jumpjet (SpaceBar) key? It feels more natural and you're required to be airborne to dash anyway. If you double-tap while not holding a directional key, it shouldn't dash (whereas now, V will cause you to dash forward).

When the settings are being redone, a toggle for "double-tap thrusters to dash"/"double-tap directional to dash" might be good.

Edit 2: If you aren't facing straight when you're attempt to Scan, your frame gets stuck. Can be replicated by turning and scanning while the turn animation is playing.
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May 4, 2021
I'd like to report a bug pertaining to the spawn of the Tsi-Hu, during some recent play i noticed anywhere from 2 - 6 of them will spawn and remain stacked on themselves, not moving. Also the spawn rate of resources from Thumpers towards the end of their mining action will undergo the mining movement but no resources will populate. Also some resources that visually populate will state the numeric value of XXX - 0, though I'm not sure what the 3 numeric values of "x" are, the zero tells me the number received and at times the value received will be "0".