THMPR .exe videos

Jul 28, 2016
Hey all,

I saw two of the videos in the other thread and

AMAZING!!!!! Wonderful graphics. But I do feel the need to address the elephant in the room.

Mining usually means going deep underground to get to resources that are of decent quality. Either by a) Making a cave within a mountain and mining horizontally and vertically as needed or b) Going vertically.

With the THMPR the drill is at most lets call it 20 feet in length. That is not very deep in a mining sense. With Firefall Thumpers it at least gave the illusion of drilling deep into the earth for the minerals.

Now I know with video games we must give way to true physics and dimensions, but...... I just dont see the immersion of the THMPR really going deep enough to disrupt the world and bring forth the Tishu.

Now that we got that out of the way, The THMPR movement is amazing to watch, and that chuckle emote just WOW I LOVE IT. The landscape and environment are breathtaking to see and the movement of the THMPR is truly great. I am excited to see what the next milestone can bring


Jul 26, 2016
Mining usually means going deep underground to get to resources that are of decent quality
Could be resonance impact built in, drawing resources to the surface. Or it's just gathering surface minerals, with upgrades to the drill head later, to mine deeper.
But the game play will be to see how long the THMPR can drill, before the s*it hits the fan.
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Emberite - THMPR - Deepscanner
Jul 26, 2016
When you put side by side the thumpers in FF the size isn't what makes it. The sound, the noise made by creates attracted to it, not necessarily the type of mining. Mind you, both FF & EMPW are space deployed mining operations.

The Art Tech Demo could of possibly had ground animations even if they where white crushed ground.


I agree, parts are missing, but these parts also form the larger structures of the game. These are committing time and money into possibly a once use sound or ice breaking animation also add to the the overall cost of development.

The idea of having exposed nodes of elements also is a good idea tho, it's similar to what's being done in Elite Dangerous.

Mind you, large caves would be cool to not only explore but to mine as well considering the maps are at least 4x4km in size. There's different alien biomes as well yet to be developed.
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