The Waifu's & Husbandos of the lost


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Many of us have our own vision of our very own perfection of a Waifu or Husbando and some are lost in our very minds.
So here is 2 of mine with a little story to go with it and images.


Code Name: [Eclipse]

A distant relative of waifu number 12, she comes out to play at night or the day depending on what there is to do.

Like the day and night cycle her Chroma pigmentation can change from pure silky white to a beautiful Copper brown and even to a shade of blue or red depending on the temperature of cold and hot extremes.

Fashioning the Night tactical Suit and stompy boots, with her trendy jacket, blending well with her Jet black hair, and ofc her dark lips looking elegant and equally tough. Many who do not know her think she just a badass but she has the moves to bring the house down at any party with her stompy boots and lively energy.

She rides one of the sleekest machines in the Em8er planet a true beauty such as herself. The Motorbike known as Raven watching her and following her when ever she needed. Raven ofc is an A.I built into the bike she preferred the bike form than a mek. One quality of the bike is that it could extend wings like a bird, and glide especially riding off great heights to feel the air across her face and the wings opening out for her long journey to eventually descend safely.









Code name: [Thunder]

Faceless some say he is a robot, some say he is so far away from reality that the mask keeps his sanity. He is mysterious and tough, he can hover with the use of his Magna tech.

As a small boy he would watch the Reaper pilots, and think one day to be like them obsessing over how they maneuvered in the skies with skill. Eventually becoming a dedicated pilot to bring vital aid and support at a moments notice.

Thunder was give his name because of how he could pilot so well, even in the most heavy storms as if he was one within the thunder storms.

He fashions an iconic mask and a suit with metal segments, he is a strong and a silent individual generally. When he has something to say he will say it with the most delightful and colourful phrases possible, some may beam in happiness whilst others may think if he doesn't stop talking his jaw could fall off!

Thunder's drops ship Helios is one of a kind dropship everyone knew when he was arriving not as big or strong as the other dropships but what it made up with it's agility, speed and stealth technology sure saved him from tricky situations.



Likes: Faeryl