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    is this ME:A ?
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    how is multiplayer like?
    The whole strike team gimmick reminds me of skyforge which also did that. Be a god, send out who followers to do stuff, get rewards if successful, rinse and repeat. So that part doesn't interest me any. Skyforge showed me how boring that gets after repetition.

    It sounds like ME:A multiplayer really sounds like it's modeled on the early days of warframe. Waves of targets with optional goals that pop up randomly.
  5. NanoTechnician

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    4 people only, wave attacks in three different levels of difficulty (Bronze, Silver & Gold). A bit laggy when jumping to platforms and enemies slide around (maybe it's my ping) and aim down sights shooting is not PlanetSide2 sharp. The maps are kinda small and the spawn locations of the enemy are predictable. Reminds me of Warframe classes without the path map style. Kinda feels like pay to win getting the boxes (via purchasable real world money to get MP credits or you grind them), boxes contents are random but give you XP boosts, character and weapon boosts. Apparently, if you own other bioware games it gives you special ingame loots. I don't like the third person play at all but was ok with it in FF (maybe it's the location of the fixed camera position). You have skill trees to shred enemies better (shields and health) and you really need a team that has everything covered and this is where the matchmaking is a let down.

    TBH, you don't buy ME:A to get the multiplayer, the story is great but if it didn't have a history to support it as a franchise it would be unsatisfying.
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    Some says it kinda disappointing, considering it took like 5 years for the game. Especially cheap animation and buggy AI that get stuck or repeating it last action.

    And mass effect has always been 3rd person.
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    But the 3rd person for ME:A and even La Division; doesn't feel the same as 3rd person in FF. There's a difference in the forward and height away from the character that's seems for me, in a better place for it.
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    Skyrim 3rd person camera, wonky as f*ck lol
    But yeah, we gotta tell Grummz to make that part 'right'. I myself prefer the camera on the right side slightly higher than the head and where I can at least see half my body.
    But since we're in our omniframe, YEAH, BETTER BE LIKE IN F(censored)F(censored).

    I like how they did it in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Able to switch left and right shoulder on the fly and distant from player in the menu.
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    Yeah I saw the backlash across the net to the game. And I have seen some people claim to get through the game pretty fast. And that's possible since you can skip cut scenes and all conversations.

    The animation... eh... if I wanted better animation then I'll play Witcher 3, the game that had a ton more money in development than ME:A. The story, lore and other stuff is really why I play. I was wondering about the multiplayer because I remember enjoying ME3. But that's fine, if I want to play real enjoyable MP with jetpacks and stuff, I'd just fire up Titanfall 2 again.

    Though my asian gal looks like she's depressed all the time and since she seems to act like it too, it fits well especially in the beginning where so much emotional baggage gets tossed on a person.

    I found the AI in combat gets stuck because it can't react well to players with jetpacks. It feels weird. Like Bioware looked at all the games that have jetpacks and decided to add it in without realizing how that's going to change the game. I'm playing as a vanguard with an elemental melee weapon, a shotgun and a sidewinder pistol (basically a spamable sniper with bigger magazine) and one power -Charge-. I found the AI tends to play horizontally and unable to deal with vertical play. Not a fan of the consumable elemental ammo. But since you can mod/craft weapons to have those elementals, that's actually not a big problem for me.

    The crafting system and the modding system feels like it was pulled from different versions of Firefall. It works pretty well.
    I brought the basic version on sale from greenmangaming and I don't regret it. I do think anyone buying the deluxe versions are being ripped off though. You get weapons and armor that I wonder if it lasts long in a person's game because you can craft better stuff.
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  10. Torgue_Joey

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    Was thinking the same thing. I remember in ME 2 & 3 had some cool looking stuff, but stats was meh for my character.
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